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Auto Transmission problem - Mondeo 1997 - ppen2
My 1997 2L mondeo has a problem with its auto transmission. It doesn't change to 2nd or 4th gear and the O/D light flashes. The garage told me that the 2nd and 4th brake band needs changing.

My warranty should cover this but wear and tear is excluded. Can you tell me if this should be classed as a mechanical fault or wear and tear?

How much should the repair be approximately?

Auto Transmission problem - Mondeo 1997 - ppen2
Anyone please?
Auto Transmission problem - Mondeo 1997 - MW
You must assume a failing gearbox is like a failing engine or failed steering. i.e. not normal or something one can solve by maintainance. The car has broken down.
Go back with your guarentee and ask for the fault to be fixed. If it is wear and tear you would have been able to prevent it by servicing. This is a fault.
I understand that these Ford autoboxes have a very poor reputation. Are the Mark 3 Mondeos any better?
Auto Transmission problem - Mondeo 1997 - Galaxy
People have written off Mk 2 Mondeo's because of problems with the autobox. They can cost £££££'s to fix or replace.
Auto Transmission problem - Mondeo 1997 - bell boy
i would have said scrap it too, but its under warranty on a 1997? suggest you get in touch with warranty company but i would have said wear and tear unless you have only just bought it in which case i would return it to seller with a unfit for purpose pose on my face
Auto Transmission problem - Mondeo 1997 - ppen2
Its a warranty I bought 2 months ago before all this started. I have had the car for over a year now so returning it to the seller is not an option. Its a third party warranty that covers mechanical breakdowns. I've had a look and it appears that the brake band is covered in it. However, they have an exclusion clause that in the first 3 months, wear and tear is excluded. Thats why I'm wondering if I should make a claim now or wait till the 3 months is up before speaking to them. The garage told me it should be mechanical but he wasn't sure and I don't want to mess this one up.

Auto Transmission problem - Mondeo 1997 - Simon
I would have thought that wear and tear is excluded no matter what the time scale is. If you can live with it for another month then wait before making a claim, other than that I don't see why you shouldn't be able to claim now and they honour it.
Auto Transmission problem - Mondeo 1997 - hford
faulty transmission range sensor causes these symptons

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