Buying new car before selling old car - Hawesy1982
Hi all,

I will very soon by buying a new (to me) car, but will very likely be buying the new car before i sell my current car.

My question is this - Once i have bought (and am insured on) my new car, how can i allow test-drives of my current car? It will be parked on the drive, therefore no no-insurance issues there, with the exception of fire/theft.

However i am too young to have DOC on my insurance, and would like to avoid having to insure both cars for what is likely to be a period of around one week.

Would it be legal to allow potential buyers to test-drive the car, assuming that they have their own DOC cover?

Otherwise, is there any chance of my insurers cutting me a deal of say a two week overlap to enable me to sell the car? I haven't asked them yet, as it is likely that if i am not allowed to, i will probably allow people to test-drive anyway, which obviously i know they would frown upon.

Any pointers to a good solution to this problem would be appreciated.
Buying new car before selling old car - Peter S
Last time I changed cars, my insurer (Groupama) provided a cover note giving 7 days cover on my old car in parallel with the cover on my new one, without me even asking. As it happened, I didn't need this, so if you do need it I'd say it was worth asking your insurer the question


Buying new car before selling old car - bell boy
peter s is right if you allow a prospective buyer to drive an uninsured car (yours) you are aiding and abetting in knowing they are uninsured,please dontl, as your current insurance will be voided once you have been found guilty at court and you will find it nigh impossible to get insurance for the next 5 years, a big price to pay for a clonker.
Buying new car before selling old car - Pugugly {P}
I do this a lot. Contact your insurance, they should happily cover both cars for an admin fee, my car insurer charges a tenner for up to a month, but you must make sure that the insurance covers any potential driver, ask to see driving licences to make sure they ain't discos, this is where any other car policies come in handy.
(see the other thread)
Buying new car before selling old car - Hawesy1982
Cheers guys, hopefully they'll let me do what Peter S's insurers did for him
Buying new car before selling old car - jc2
Mine was happy to cover two cars for a month for free as long as I did not use both at the same time-ie. one was being used while the other was on the driveway.

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