Mondeo leaking stat housing? - telecaster
I have just noticed a slight "weep" coming from the stat housing ie; the cover of my 2001 Mondeo tddi.

It is as tho the cover is slightly corroded ..letting a small amount of coolant escape.

The cover seems to be plastic (tho I could be wrong) question is can I buy a housing as a seperate item, if not is there any type of sealant/filler to use on the leaking section?

Thanks in advance!
Mondeo leaking stat housing? - MW
Normally the best appraoch is to partly drain the system to lower the level, and undo the housing. Clean up all the surfaces and use Red Hermatite with a new gasket. Tighten it all up carefully ( not too tight), repace coolant and bleed if neceassary.
Job done.
Mondeo leaking stat housing? - telecaster
Cheers mean smear the red Hermatite over the spot where the coolant is leaking from?
Mondeo leaking stat housing? - defender
dont know if the mondeo plastic cover is any different but most of these plastic covers leaking can be cured simply by fitting a new gasket or in many cases an o ring costing very little and doing the job properly ,if you want to just use sealant then use a silicone gasket type
Mondeo leaking stat housing? - MW
Yes that is correct. The leak is there because either the paper gasket has a small damaged part in it and fluid is leaking, or if it is a rubber ring washer type, it has become brittle with age and now lets coolant past.
Dabbing a bit of sealant on the leaking bit will not do. It will always fail.
You need to undo the stat housing and it will probably be obvious why it is leaking. Before you do that get the correct gasket or rubber ring from Fords or anywhere. Probably only £1. Clean it all up. I would also smear a very little grease on the bolt threads to stop any corrosion if they need to come off again in the future. I like old fashioned Red Hermatite as I have never had a failure with it, and where both housing and block are alloy it stops that white alloy corrosion at the joint. However any sealer will do. Many would not bother, just put in a new paper gasket. If it is a rubber ring, just clean it all up and fit it dry. Total job time 45 minutes including coffee.

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