Overheating 6yo Focus TDi - rogerb
My Focus suddenly overheated and lost about 3litres of coolant over last weekend. No obvious leaks from hoses.

I topped-up and it appears OK, although I'm having it checked, flushed-out & refilled tomorrow.

I have changed the coolant twice during its lifetime, but not for about 2yrs, so suspect some sludge in the system causing a temporary blockage.
If it's the case, I'm rather surprised it has happened after such a relatively short time.

Any other ideas, please?
Overheating 6yo Focus TDi - bell boy
radiator fan seized?
it was a bank holiday after all :)
Overheating 6yo Focus TDi - jc2
Your Focus should have had 10 year coolant in it as original fill.
Overheating 6yo Focus TDi - DP
Wot he said.

What colour is the coolant. Should be a pinky red colour - if so it's good for 10 years.

My Mondeo is six years old and still has this original coolant in it. No problems so far.
Overheating 6yo Focus TDi - rogerb
Well I took it to my friendly main dealer here in Spain. (About a 20 min m'way drive from my home, with spare water and a hawk eye on the temp gauge! No problems.)

They checked for leaks and attempted to get it to recur, for an hour+, and found...... nothing !

For this they charged me........ nothing!!

Said to keep an eye on coolant temperatures and levels and call 'em if anything went awry.

So the mystery remains unsolved but, for the moment at least, has 'gone away'!

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