MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - JamesL
hi there - i've got a high mileage 320 and have recently had a new automatic gearbox put in as the old one was making a horrific noise.

However, I've had this symptom existing before the change and it still happens now :
1. whilst driving along, and after no specific journey time, when I go to accelerate or decelerate I get neutral. I sit there, still doing 50 mph (eg) but unable to select a gear. In order to resolve this, I have to manually select a gear.
2. Sometimes when changing gear, it seems slow to select a gear and then kicks in like a hammer.

Any ideas ?? Everytime I go to MB they charge me a fortune and do not fix the issue. h e l p !!
MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - Roger Jones
Simplest and cheapest things first: check that the automatic-transmission fluid is in good health (bright translucent pink) and at the correct level. If dark, something is definitely wrong; if faded, it's old and needs replacing. Even if it's unlikely to be the cause of your problem, it's worth checking anyway. If you do replace it yourself, take a surgical approach to cleanliness: the slightest contamination is serious.

Secondly, take it to an autobox specialist, not an MB dealer:


They may well find that simple adjustments can cure the problem, and they will charge you less than an MB dealer anyway. If you don't see a conveniently located one in the membership list, let us know where you are, because I have others listed too.

How old is the (petrol?) car and at what mileage was the autobox changed?
MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - JamesL
Thanks Roger - will check fluid accordingly.

Car is about 5 years old and the mileage was around 102K when replaced.

will report back when I've had a look !
MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - jc2
If it is genuinely a new g/box take it back to the supplier/fitter.
MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - Peter D
Isn't this box controlled by an ECU. ?? Regards Peter
MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - JamesL
yes - I even had that replaced a while ago...and believe me THAT was expensive..!
I hope thats still under warrenty if it is causing the problem.

MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - Roger Jones
I obviously wasn't fully awake earlier and missed the word "recently". Yes, take it back.

102k isn't high mileage for an MB . . .

Find yourself a good independent MB specialist and get better work done at half the MB dealer rates. I may be able to identify one for you if you can reveal your location.
MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - JamesL
Based in Maidenhead Berks. Greenoaks are the nearest dealer, but I took the car in there to get the gearbox fixed as it was slipping gears etc - tey charged me £400 and told me they'd fixed it. Next thing I know the gearbox fails and they say its nothing to do with them ! So they are not in my good books.

Independant MB specialist would be great...!
MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - Roger Jones
The nearest with websites are:


There's also:

John Bilias
01932 782885

55 St Marks Road, Maidenhead
01628 633177

Wheels VT
01494 670922

All but MercsOnly are in the MB Club Good Garage Guide, only because members have recommended them. MercsOnly is fairly new, I think -- yes, just two years old -- so hasn't had a chance yet.

But if your autobox problems persist and you run out of patience with Greenoaks, I'd certainly go to an autobox specialist before any MB main dealer (I have driven MBs since 1999 and currently have three old ones).
MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - Dude - {P}
H.J. has high regard for Kings Automatics who are based at Epsom, which is not a million miles away and well worth a call.

MB 320 - new GB but not finding gears - Roger Jones

Don't forget to report back when you've solved your problem. The outcomes are always interesting and perhaps helpful to others.

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