Moped advice - tompparker

Please could you advise me on mopeds?

I want to ride a moped on my driving licence, so it has to be 50cc and have a top design speed of 50 km/h.

Do 50cc mopeds all have a top design speeds of 50 km/h? If not, how can I tell what a bike's top speed is?

Moped advice - Lud
In Spain, where 14-year-olds can drive low powered bikes, it is common in the country to see nippers on these crouching down to reduce their frontal area and put on a couple of ks.
Moped advice - lordwoody
Can'y say I'm a huge expert but I believe nearly all ( if not all) 50cc bikes are restricted to 30mph. Most can be easily deristricted and will give up to about 55mph, depending on size of rider. ( In my case nearer 20mph I fear)
Moped advice - Pugugly {P}
You might be able to find an original FI5E from the 70s which will cost an arm and a leg. In my opinion as a motorcylcist mopeds are the most dangerous form of road traffic known to man. Don't do it.
Moped advice - Pugugly {P}
The bike IIRC should be stamped with the fact that it is restricted...honestly don't even think about it.
Moped advice - No FM2R

I'm guessing you mean an FS1E and you should also know that the cool kids had an FS1E-DX (front disk brake).
Moped advice - Pugugly {P}
You're right Mark, stress induced dislexia following the thought of anyone venturing out on a moped in today's Traffic conditions !
Moped advice - No FM2R
Is it that much worse than it was ? I am not convinced. I agree that there's loads more traffic but that surely results in roads running slower.

I don't think any of my friends were killed or crippled on a moped, but a fair number ended their lives on 250s or ended up crippled from a larger bike.

I rarely ride a bike any more, but occasionally I borrow my sister's - which is usually some horrendous beast capable of exceeding my capabilities while sat on the drive. If anything I would say that less people pull out in front these days than used to, although given the speed of the bikes I guess that might still result in more collisions.
Moped advice - Robin Reliant
My local dealer at the time used to say that 60% of new "Fizzies" came back for crash damage repair within three months. The chance of finding anything other than a decaying wreck outside of a museum are as remote as it gets.
Moped advice - Pugugly {P}
There are three on E-bay as we speak, at least one complete with pedals...
Moped advice - No FM2R
Once, and only once, did I every try pedalling - and it was only out of curiosity - even supposing you could work out the lever to get one pedal turning 180 degrees to lock in the the shaft. when it finally connected it was about 5,000 revolutions of the pedals for about 2ft of movement. And woe betide you if you ended up on a slope and the bike started free-wheeling, those pedals would have your legs off.
Moped advice - No FM2R
Actually there is one around Warwick which I see from time to time.

We used to come off them all the time but rarely at any speed which was particularly threatening. Sliding them down the road was almost a frosty night tradition.
Moped advice - Pugugly {P}

I never owned one but you've reminded me so much of my misspent youth (committeing the odd motoring offence) happy days indeed.
Moped advice - No FM2R
>>happy days indeed

And with so few worries compared to what the kids seem to have to live with these days. You could spend a few years being a complete clown (me) and still end up with half a careeer.

As for motoring offences - more than you can possibly imagine or that I would admit to.

I had a FS1E, mates had an AP50 (Suzuki) and the Honda Moped. All rubbish really, although the Honda had a slightly higher top speed but took about a week to get there.

Although everything went the same speed if you were lying on the tank coming down either the Fairmile or Whitchurch Hill.

Hearing someone say that higher compression ratio was good, being told that skimming the head would do that, so taking a bit of wet and dry glued to a mirror and rubbing the head down - convinced afterwards that it was so much more powerful and that's the reason the engine blew.

Building a go-kart with an engine from one at school.

Being convinced of my own coolness while leaning on it outside the chip shop where all the girlies went.

And so much more...

I'm sure I remember reading years ago about some guy riding a F1SE around the world; I must see if I can dig out the story. Sad bloke, as I recall - not for the adventure, more for the way he thought his moped was a real person.
Moped advice - Pugugly {P}
ding a F1SE around the world; I must see if I can dig out the story. Sad bloke, as I recall - not for the adventure, more for the way he thought his moped was a real person.

I remember this - was it BIKE Magazine ?

Have you seen the fizzies on E-bay ?

Much the same memories, I passed my car test first and moved onto bikes in the shape of a CB100N as I was convinced that four strokes were better in all respects. SWMBO appeared in my life when I had a 250N, cars became warmer to "court" in.
Moped advice - Robin Reliant
I got round the silly rule of having to pass a seperate test for a car by buying The Worlds Most Dangerous Vehicle - a Reliant. That was (and still is) a law which was out of touch with the real world. I had many a brown trouser moment, and caused a few in other people, as I gaily taught myself to drive in it.
Moped advice - Group B
My Grandad had a mate who bought a Reliant Robin. Poor bloke was in his late '70's and got his leg lifted and paid £2k for it, which was extortionate for the year/ condition.
He took my Gdad out for a spin in his 'new' pride and joy, and they got home for a cup of tea. After about 10 minutes he went out onto the drive to fetch something from the car and it was on fire! Within about 5 minutes it was just a chassis with a load of melted glassfibre round it.
Moped advice - No FM2R

How *cool* is this site !!
Moped advice - Altea Ego
SWMBO appeared in my life when I had a 250N, cars became warmer to "court" in.

Yes, caught. such an apt word.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Moped advice - doodered
Don't worry about the speed a 50cc moped can do, just cane it and beware of errant drivers. Oh yeah!, and be considerate to pedestrian's wherever you are.
Moped advice - Altea Ego
Look lads, take the mick if you want, you have to admit, the fizzy era was a very clever and yes *cool* way to overcome the establishment.

Hey they looked good, they made a lot of noise, they could be pursuaded to travel quite quickly and they pulled admiring glances from 15 year old girls who hadn't yet migrated to 18 year old boys with cars. In fact they were so good they had to be banned - how cool is that?

what more could yoof ask for?

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Moped advice - No FM2R
I'm not taking the mick, I loved the things, it makes me all nostalgic just to see a picture of one.

Moped advice - Altea Ego
In truth I am glad they have gone.

My lad is 16 years old. I can easily pursuade him to stay off the road till he gets a car license. I mean, 30 mph moped riding just aint cool is it.

Had we still been in the fizzy era, I just know he would have been on two wheels asap. (or sooner - illegaly)
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Moped advice - Woody
I had a Honda SS50 in my youth, the only four stroke sports moped. Whilst slower off the mark than a FS1E or Suzuki AP50 (let alone my mate's Fantic GT) it eventually over hauled them at a genuine 50 MPH (apart from the Fantic).

There is an excellent book out called Funky Mopeds which tells the tales of pedals for foot-rest proper mopeds not these ridiculous scooters buzzing around now.

On a serious note I attended an RAC Training course on Sunday mornings and rode responsibly according to conditions, unlike the little brainless chavs of today.
Moped advice - Dynamic Dave
Ah, the Yamaha 'Fizzy'. Had 2 of them, one was the resticted 30 mph DX model, but was geared so heavily by replacing the front sprocket for a larger one, so that a) it went faster, and b) it kept the engine revs down. On the downside, it was slightly slower accelerating but it would do 40 to 45 mph.

I also had an unrestricted race tuned one. It had also been converted from a bog standard one to a DX model, but still had the original small petrol tank. 60cc barrel and piston kit, modified rotary disc valve, carb had a larger main jet fitted. Trouble was it only did approx 30 to the gallon when caned, so the 2 gallon tank constantly needed refilling. Still, it gave the 125cc and some 250cc bikes a run for their money ;o)

I remember the slogan fitted on the back of my mates Fizzy moped "Fizzy's never die - they just sieze". How true.
Moped advice - Dynamic Dave
I also remember the Honda SS50. I tuned my mates bike by replacing the barrel and piston from a scrapped Honda C70. It was basically the same engine, but the SS50 had a manual clutch, whereas the C50 & C70 had the centrifugal clutch. That SS50 , sorry SS70 ;o) gave my raced tuned Fizzy a run for it's money.
Moped advice - cheddar
I too had a FS1E, a metallic orangy brown 75 model, KYH959P IIRC, as did a load of mates, the Suzuki AP50 had the advantage of a 5th gear and a conventional 1 down four up gear change though the paint was thinner, the chrome peeled off and it was no faster and less tunable. I still have an FSIE crank in my garage.

Re skimming the head, we found that a higher compression gave more power though the engine would not rev as high so acceleration improved though top speed was reduced, reducing the rear sprocket by one tooth helped the latter though made 1st gear too high.

I also know a guy who restores these along with old RDs etc, a good FS1E can go for £3000 to £4000.
Moped advice - No FM2R
>>Re skimming the head,.....etc etc

Ah, but you clearly knew what you were doing, we had not the faintest idea. We just did stuff that someone else said about that we thought sounded like it might work. This included all sorts of stuff in the fuel tank, various holes drilled in various places on the exhaust, and various bits of the engine "skimmed". "skimmed" in speech marks since it usually transleted to "filed". And who knew there were different files for wood and metal ?

Teh SS50 was just rubbish. Ok on a long run the top speed which was a) actually 50 and b) reasonably resilient as opposed to an FS1E which would do its top speed once in a lifetime, but it was like a soggy sponge to ride. Mind you, I shouldn't think one of us had any idea what they did to the gallon, although knew within 1/2 mile how much further you could get before a petrol sub was required. Sadly all too often that 1/2 mile error resulted in a pushing exercise or my one and only ever pedalling of an FS1E.

Still we all had 75mph race-tuned FS1Es bored out to 750cc and capable of out performing a KH250. Or at least strongly maintained that we did when challenged. We were also all superb racers, personal mates of Barry Sheene, able to drink 37 pints without getting drunk and incredibly successful with girls.

I'm also sure that the summers were longer, the beer cheaper and the cigarettes less harmful to health. There were virtually no consequences whatever you did and volvos were to be abused, not feared.

Halcyon days indeed....

Moped advice - cheddar
I'm also sure that the summers were longer, the beer cheaper
and the cigarettes less harmful to health.


And you could get away with "Tax in Post" for months .....
and volvos were to be abused

Reminds me of my bike test, I had had my RD250 for 5 days, turned up at the test centre and rode around the block as requested, I was looking for the bloke with the clipboard about to jump out on me when a 240 estate pulled out on me, I slammmed on the anchors and the bloke with the clipboard came up and patted me on the back, 'well done' he said, needless to say I passed.
Moped advice - jc2
Many years past,I can remember talking to a representative of Sachs(who built most European moped engines) and he told me that they had to make 30+ versions of their 50cc. motor as no two European countries could agree on what constituted a moped.
Moped advice - cheddar
IIRC there was a 750cc MV Agusta with pedals in the 70's stretching the Italian moped regs to the limit.

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