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Hi all
I am new to the back room but would like to ask I have a ford granada est , If I had a report done by the AA or RAC will they be able to tell me if the recondition gear Box I paid for has been put in .
Gear Box - martint123
Maybe - if there is an external serial number that they could check and if Ford could say if that serial number belongs to that VIN number.
But..... I don't think they even get round to lifting the car off the ground - so I have my doubts.

p.s. Looking on the Dekra site, neither engine or gearbox seem to be reported on in the standard checks. You have to go for a specific check end then....

DEKRA Specific inspections are for vehicles with After Repair, Electrical, Mechanical and Warranty issues. The DEKRA Specific is a visual inspection unless the customer wants a particular part looked at. If this is the case, the engineer will ask the garage to take it apart (THE ENGINEER WON'T DO THIS) and the engineer will then give his opinion.

Gear Box - Lud
Do you have some reason to doubt that the reconditioned unit has been fitted? Does the car feel unchanged? Was the clutch done at the same time?

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