which car? - petsco
Morning all

we're looking at a couple of cars at the moment. Two estates - both september 2004, both the same price. One is a top of the range model, 1.9 diesel with 50k on the clock, the other is a more base model 1.6 petrol with 12k on the clock. Both have been on the forecourt for a couple of months.

I like the idea of diesel but we do about 8k miles a year, and the 50k miles in 18 months is making me a little wary.

What do you all think - which would be the model to go for. I'm erring towards the petrol - any thoughts/ideas?

which car? - Xileno {P}
And the cars are...

(My guess is VAG or Renault)
which car? - petsco
one of each actually. Stunning guess. Diesel is a megane, and the petrol is an octavia.
Personally like both of them a lot, but as the wife is pregnant again just want the most reliable.

Guess I should also say the octavia is in a franchise dealer and the megane in a private dealership.
which car? - Xileno {P}
The Octavia represents the best value here, 12K it's barely run in. The Renault is too high mileage, although these engines are tough the rest of the car has travelled 4 times as far as the Octavia.

If the mileages were closer then it might be different.
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which car? - 1066
id go for the octavia..but only if its got some comforts like aircon and electric windows etc..
i had a megane estate last year for a few months we eally liked it but it was a 1.6 petrol.

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