VW Polo '98 electric window fault - kris_kros
Hello. The drivers-side electric window has stopped working on my girlfriends R reg VW polo. I tested/replaced the fuse but this seems to be ok. According to the manual the windows operate on an automatic fuse (a separate fuse i suppose?) which breaks under stress, e.g if windows frozen shut, and reconnects seconds later. I wonder whether the 'blocks' clamping the window as referred to in a previous thread for a VW Passat have broken/cracked generating stress and causing the fuse to break?? I guess i really need to dismantle the door to spot any obvious faults but i can't work out how to loosen the grab handle to release the door trim either! Any ideas where the fault may lie, could the window switch be at fault? Any suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated as i'm a bit of a novice at these things.
VW Polo '98 electric window fault - George Porge
Open the door and pull back the rubber trunking that the wires pass through between the A pillar and the door and you'll find the thickest of the wires has broken off and needs resoldering to the plug.
VW Polo '98 electric window fault - madmonty
I had a similar problem on a Passat. On a rainy night when the window wouldnt rise, I frantically diamantled the door anr released the window then Jammed it up with wood.

Next sunny day had a look and noticed the bust wire. Suitable patch wire put in place, reconnect all the bits and it worked a treat!
VW Polo '98 electric window fault - kris_kros
Ok, have located the thickest of the wires (blue) which has a separate plug to the bulk of the wires. It doesn't seem to be loose or look broken in any way. Should it be obviously broken when i look at it?
VW Polo '98 electric window fault - bell boy
try waggling it or all of them as you operate window switch and see if you get movement.........of the window in case anyone asks.:)
VW Polo '98 electric window fault - kris_kros
gave it all a good waggle but no luck i'm afraid ;-> ...what to try next? Strange thing is, the passenger window stopped working a while ago then started working again only for the drivers window to fail shortly after...
VW Polo '98 electric window fault - Ian D
Could well be the switch.

Another possibility - a neighbours Golf Mk3 had similar problems a few months ago and the problem was the electric winder mechanism (the plastic reel which the steel wire winds over as the window is powered up and down) had worn such that the steel wire got crossed and jammed). I bought a new one from German ans Swedish and fitted it (not easy) and problem sorted.
VW Polo '98 electric window fault - kris_kros
My own attempts to fix this failed (typically) so resorted to my friendly local garage. Turns out that the motor had seized on the one window and the window had stuck in the rubber seals on the other. Total cost for repairs 30 quid and "drop the money in any time" - great garage!

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