Stinking Washer Fluid - runboy
The washer fluid in my car has taken on a smell akin to a dead rat (if I knew what a one smelt like, but I think I have an idea).

Although I use a branded washer fluid, it still stinks. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

I have previously emptied the washer bottle and flushed but this doesn't last long. Someone once suggested Halfords do a tablet which keeps the water fresh but I can't find anything in my local store.
Stinking Washer Fluid - Dynamic Dave
Someone once suggested Halfords do a tablet ....

You could try this instead:-

Stinking Washer Fluid - Mikeym1
If I had this problem I would try the lemon sented first. If that didn't work I believe Boots sell sterilizing tablets could try that.

Stinking Washer Fluid - PhilW
A drop or two of Milton sterilising fluid? I use it for sterilising caravan water system each year.
Stinking Washer Fluid - runboy
I have used the Halfords smelly stuff before-medow fresh I think it was. It did smell very nice but at about £3.50 for a litre comapred to about the same cost for 2.5l......oh well, you get what you pay for!

The Milton tablets are interesting-I presume they wouldn't damage paintwork?
Stinking Washer Fluid - Mondaywoe
I use the Halford's lemon stuff all the time. It is a bit pricey, but cleans well, keeps the reservoir and pump in good order .....and is worth its weight in gold after passing pig farms!


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