Audi 80 Taillight - Adam {P}
Hi all,

Quick visit - I need to replace the tailight from a 1995 Audi 80 hatch - just the outer part. Tried eBay - no luck - tried the GSF website but the post 1991 lights state "saloon".

Calling back on the rare times I've paid attention to an Audi 80, I've never noticed a difference between the two. Would I be alright buying the light for a saloon?

Many thanks,

Audi 80 Taillight - DavidHM
Erm... hatch?

Audi 80s were only ever saloons and (post-91) Avant estates. Pre-91 cars, which kind of looked like hatches, were all saloons as the estate was only launched with hte November 1991 facelift.
Audi 80 Taillight - BobbyG
Adam, had a little bump?
Audi 80 Taillight - Adam {P}
I was just about to post "Thinking about it, there isn't a hatch is there!?" There was a coupe which I think does have different lights, but saloon just has a stubby boot and confused me.

Bobby - no! Fortunately I haven't but someone I know has so I've offered to sort it for them!

Thanks for the advice guys,

Audi 80 Taillight - Happy Blue!
Techincally Adam its the Audi Coupe and no mention of the 80. That may be why you are having difficulty in sourcing one.
Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?
Audi 80 Taillight - Adam {P}
That could have been it E.

I ended up getting the (right) one from GSF for the Audi 80 Saloon as his was. It was my fault as I was thinking it was hatch from when I saw it once in the carpark. (It has a very short boot!)

Anyway - light arrived yesterday morning less than 24 hours later so a big thumbs up for the GSF Website.

Thanks for all the advice,


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