insurance help required .non fault acc - paul691601
hi all,
need some advice on a non fault accident .
my wife had an accident in my car to which the other party has admitted full liability .
but i have a big problem ,
my car has around £10k to £13k worth of damage and the insurance is going to repair it (at the authorised dealer).
vehicle is worth around £43k.
but due to it being a specialised car i don't really want it back ,if i wanted a damaged repaired car i would have purchased one in the first place .
also when i come to sell this car all parts ordered for it will be available for all to see(easy to find out it has had extensive repairs) and i will have to sell my car for a lot less than market value due to this .
am i in my rights to explain this to the other persons insurance and get them to pay me out for my car or replace it with like for like ?(i've only had it 3 weeks).

your advise will be greatly appreciated

insurance help required .non fault acc - Altea Ego
You can ask. As its the other parties insurer paying out you wont get. You will have to sue and prove a loss to yourself.
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insurance help required .non fault acc - bell boy
if its got 25% of monetary damage and its 3 weeks old i would also be looking for a replacement vehicle,have you spoken to your insurers about this?
insurance help required .non fault acc - paul691601
my insurance have asked me to wait until i have the quote delivered to me in the post , i only have telephone confirmation about the costs at the moment and i was doing some homwwork before i have to confront the other insurance company .

insurance help required .non fault acc - Dalglish
i was doing some homwwork


start your homework here:

and plenty more on that website.

insurance help required .non fault acc - paul691601
sorry about the spelling , i waaaas in a rush ..

thx for the link .
insurance help required .non fault acc - algy
Paul, the principle of 'diminution of value' has been established for some years now in cases where a serious impact to something other than a run-of-the-mill car has resulted in extensive repairs, even by a body shop that is more than capable of carrying out the work correctly. However, such claims are not easy to prove and you may need the services of a specialist motor engineer to help you provide the evidence to show that you have sustained a loss. Of course, in such cases the actual loss will only arise when you try to sell the car, but that it still claimable because the car is now worth less than it was before the accident occurred. However, it does add another difficulty to the case, but it isn't insurmountable.
insurance help required .non fault acc - paul691601

thank you , i have light at the end of the tunnel .

insurance help required .non fault acc - AlastairW
Many years ago I ran into an almost new 911. The owner successfully took my insurer for £4000 for reduction in value - it can be done.
insurance help required .non fault acc - L'escargot
easy to find
out it has had extensive repairs

I won't comment on the other aspects of this case, but I'd just like to say that if the car is repaired to a high standard it should not be apparent (without a really detailed inspection) that it has been involved in an accident. If you're trading it in at a dealer it's unlikely that they would give it a detailed inspection, and most private buyers don't know where to look for the tell-tale signs. A very high percentage of used cars have had accident damage, and dealers aren't at all bothered unless the damage sticks out like a sore thumb. In the trade it's assumed that a well repaired car has the same value as an undamaged car. I fully understand that you won't feel as happy with a damaged/repaired car, but the trade isn't at all sentimental about these matters.
insurance help required .non fault acc - paul691601
thanks for your input but i would feel it only honest to answer questions if people asked and i would have to say that is has been damaged ,also if the buyer goes to the dealer and asks what work has ever been done on the car they will get a long list of bodypanels.
not good practice in my eyes .

think i have it sorted now so thank you for all your help .

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