citroen xsara heater flap motor!!! - daewoodave
hi have checked forums on this subject and am unable to find info i seek.according to my local dealer i have a tempremental heater flap motor.this means when i set temp control knob the motor is suppose to keep set moment it is highly erratic goes from freezing to sauna all by its self.first how do i check this motor for a fault and if faulty how easy to change.any info will be gratefully received.the xsara is a 1.6 8 valve forte model on a 'w' plate.otherwise it is a nice comfortable car to drive and is proving economical to run 40mpg commuting and 45 mpg on a long run.
citroen xsara heater flap motor!!! - dereckr
I drive a Xsara (HDI 2002 estate). I don't know whether the set up is different, but I did a fair amount of investigation work on mine when the heater fan went into permanent's a fairly complicated setup.
Firstly, can you explain what a heater flap motor is? On mine there is a servo controlled flap that switches the air between incoming and recirculating. This operates when you switch to recycled air manually, or, can operate when the computer detects that the air coming in is too cold for fast warm up. Most of the ventilation components can be seen if you remove the glove box. Does the fan work correctly?

PS have you got a Haynes manual? It could prove helpful,they are available for your car but not for "face lifted" post 2001 models, I believe.

citroen xsara heater flap motor!!! - RichardW
It's most likely that there is a problem with the internal temperature sensor. It's probably the same as the Xantia's etc, where there is a small fan that is supposed to draw air in over the sensor. Eventually the fan packs up and then the sensor gives false reading so the climate control just gives up and either gives full heat or full cold depending on how it's feeling. Because the sensor is abvoe the radio and the stalled motor gets warm it tends to read hot and give you full cold. On my Xantia I have the sensor pulled out of the dash board and strapped to the edge of the radio for just this reason! The sensor is in behind the little grille just above and to the left of the radio. If you look down it with a torch and then switch the ignition on you might see it kick or spin for a bit. As to how you get it out, sorry, don't know!

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
citroen xsara heater flap motor!!! - daewoodave
may give this idea a the problem seems to get worse after 20 miles.i commute 25 miles one way to work.will drive to work with the radio off{very boring} and see what's give off a lot of heat.failing that i will remove radio from dash try again.if all these fail at least radio is out and i may be able to get to sensor.
citroen xsara heater flap motor!!! - daewoodave
heater flap motor i understand is an electronic switch which controls the hot air out output flap.its is a big cylinder thing behind the center console/dash does not work very well unless 3/4 turned high fan auto mode well it just does what ever it feels.on off slow fast regard less of road speed or outside temperature.
citroen xsara heater flap motor!!! - daewoodave
hi back on this problem again.taken fan out from behind dash for heat sensor.some one has already had a go and wrecked it.not to paninck at this time but a more serious problem has occurred.have fitted new thermosat and bled cooling system also got citreon to check this for me.temperture gauge shows a drop of 10-15c when driving down hill on no/light throttle.i am sure this is far from normal but any suggjestions would be appricated.

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