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306 wiper fault, help. - harris921
Hi guys. I own an R-Plate 306 TD estate. Since I bought the car the wipers have only worked on speed 1. I have lost Int, speed 2, and park.

Firstly I replaced the wiper motor itself, still the same. Then the stalk, still the same. Double checked all the fuses, checked the operation of the 2 black relays in the left hand corner of the drivers footwell, all ok. I then checked the feeds at the back of the stalk on the different speed settings 2 c if it was sending any power, this was all ok. I then disconnected the plug at the motor and checked my feeds there, only one ignition feed there which must be my speed 1.

I spoke 2 some friends of mine at a Peugeot dealer who seemed very confident that the fault was a blue timmer relay behind the fuse board. They also gave me the relavant wiring diagram that shows this relay 2b behind the fuse board. Off I went to check this relay and it was missing, but so was the loom/terminals that the relay should plug into. There is a black plastic bracket that the relay should sit in, I removed this bracket all together to make sure I had'nt missed it. Still no joy. My next plan was 2 look at another R Plate 306, I did this and went straight to the relay, it was exactly where it should be. I told my friends at Peugeot and we came to the conclusion that maybe earlyer in the cars life it has had a form of wiring repair and the Technician had not put this particular loom back in the right place. If I strip the dash down I will probably find it wedged somewhere it should'nt be.

I have since remove the dash and this loom/relay is not there. According to my wiring diagrams, the Haynes manual, other R REG 306'S, and Peugeot Techs this car should definately have a timmer relay. Its the 30 facia fuse board and its a 98 model with AC. No rain sensors.

Does anyone know if this vehicle should have a timmer relay? I know that some early models with the 13 facia fuce board did not have 1. Any Ideas in general about this fault would be appreciated.

306 wiper fault, help. - harris921
306 wiper fault, help. - elekie&a/c doctor
This could possibly be a wiring fault.The intermittant and park circuits work thro the timer relay.The fast speed is a direct supply to the motor from the switch.You will need to carry out a simple test.With ignition on and wiper switch at position off,see if ther is a power supply to one of the wires at the wiper motor.
306 wiper fault, help. - harris921
I have a permanent feed with just the ignition on but nothing at the other terminals when operating the switch. I have removed the big black multiplug under the scuttle pannel 2 check for breaks and water ingress but still no joy. I might try running my own wiring from the switch straight in2 the motor.
306 wiper fault, help. - Dynamic Dave

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