Clio P Reg - pls help - Salty24404
Hi. I have a strange problem with my Clio 1.4 P reg car. It is automatic car and i think the problem is with the immobiliser. I can open the doors as normal but when i turn the key for the enginer to start nothing happens. - That is not the strange bit - ....... the strange think is, it works in the mornings but not in the evenings. 3 days in a row now first think it works but when i go to pick my husband up from work at 5pm, its not working again!! Any ideas. I called renault who said i need a diagnostics test, £90.00 - really can't afford it now. Maybe its just a morning car!!!
Clio P Reg - pls help - Peter D
Are you sure it is the immobiser not a faulty switch on the stsart Inhibit so you can only start in Park. This would warm up during the day and give you the symptoms. Try repaeted engaging Park and trying to start it. Regards Peter
Clio P Reg - pls help - jc2
Or waggling the lever when it's in P or N.
Clio P Reg - pls help - AB42
My daughter's Clio had almost the same problem of not starting on some occasions. I traced the problem, after several days, to the spade connection on the starter motor solenoid. (This is the cable from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid.) It's right at the front of the engine and so gets covered with salt and corrodes giving a bad connection.
To sort it out, gently pull the spade connection off the tag and clean both parts with a small wire brush or a piece of sand paper. Replace the spade connection and smear with a little grease to protect from the elements.
Clio P Reg - pls help - Salty24404
Thank you very much!!
Clio P Reg - pls help - Stuart1977
Having dabbled in the buying/selling game I have come across a number of Clios of this age with immobiliser problems. Indeed you may have a problem with the auto 'box as others have sugested although I also suspect immobiliser problems.

Firstly does the car have a sunroof? I have found that a number of Clios have immobiliser problems due to the electronics for the remote locking etc being in the same panel as the interior light/sunroof controls... the seals on the sunroof tend to perish and therefore allow moisture into the electronic circuit boards. Water + electronics = bloomin nightmare!!!

I have seen a number of non-runner Clios at my local auctions and suspect that the majority of them are due to this common problem. This can be very costly to rectify, although don't believe what everyone says about your local Renault dealer being the only ones who can sort this. Get in contact with a local reputable auto electrician who should hopefully be able to help you. Would also advise replacing the seal on the sunroof at the same time!!!!!

Phew!!!! Stu

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