Laguna 1.6 16v Noisy Exhaust Manifold - Stuart1977
I have recently bought myself a 2000 (W) Renault Laguna 1.6 16v. Having spent some time finding the right one I found they often sound like the exhaust is blowing from the manifold (my one included). This is especially noticable when the car is cold but is still there once the car has warmed up.

I have been told this is quite normal for a 1600cc 16 valve Laguna. Anyone else had any experience of this?

Laguna 1.6 16v Noisy Exhaust Manifold - elekie&a/c doctor
Yes,it is common for these to sound like the exhaust is blowing from the manifold because it is!!They crack in the middle near where the lambda probe is screwed in.Not a cheap job- I think the manifold alone is around £400.
Laguna 1.6 16v Noisy Exhaust Manifold - johnny
Me too! , I drove two they both sounded like that - the one I bought sounded like that for three and a half years, 36K - 76K it was a really nice car to drive, although once I found this forum I got paranoid and never slept well. I got rid of it when I heard tales of gearboxes failing at 70K plus and it started eating starter motors.
I've had three Renaults and they've all had notchy gearboxes, particularly 3rd down to 2nd.
Laguna 1.6 16v Noisy Exhaust Manifold - Stuart1977
Gee good news all round then!!! I bought this after having my last Laguna 2.0 8v written off (Yes a woman in a rather hardy Ford Focus C-Max decided she didn't like the shape of the rear end and thought she's change it a bit! Someone should tell her that a red light means stop!!!!). That car was a blommin toppper!

Think I'll pay a visit to my local garage and see what the deal is... lets hope they don't advise me of a knackered manifold!!!

Also thanks for the gearbox tip... mine is currently sitting at 66k!! Bring on the sleepless nights!! But hey musn't grumble... bought the car at auction... a 2000W Laguna 1.6 RT Alize with 66k from new and only 1 owner from new for £1175!!
Laguna 1.6 16v Noisy Exhaust Manifold - 356man
Now currently at £500 (Dec 09) BUT I have found that have them for about £311. Part No.RE 6044T. Various companies have these (I wanted one for a 2.0 litre i RXe 16v) and even though they advertise as being for a 1.8 or 2.0 16v on further examination they are all for a 1.6 16v. The 2.0 litre ones are still only available from Renault at silly money.
Apparently the double cat system aids faster warm up so the filtration happen faster; I'm going to try a standard exhaust manifold and a single cat. Will keep you posted.
Laguna 1.6 16v Noisy Exhaust Manifold - 356man
OK, Not only does the late model have two Cats, it also has two lambda sensors so doing away with one cat would still leave me with an engine management problem.

So I took said manifold to my local heavey vehicle engineering shop to see if they could braze it up. (Avoid ANYBODY who says they can weld it!) "Yeah" they could do it. It would be back in a day, cost about £20!! Result, no more faffing around with dealers who wouldn't return my emails or scouring E-bay.