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96 1.6 new battery drained. - amaan
Hi all,

Just got back from a long working holiday(3 months), on my return the battery on my car was dead so I re-charged it, having done this the battery lasted a few hours and died, I thought the battery was dodgy as it is over 3 years old so I bought a new one, but the new battery did exactly the same and drained overnight.

I also have to mention an electrical burning smell when I attached the battery, the only other thing I can mention is the starter motor was replaced just before I went on holiday.

The car is a 1996 P reg Golf 1.6 CL mk 3, 85,000 miles

Any ideas what can be wrong? any help would be appreciated.


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My new Battery drained on my golf mk3 - Peter D
Does the car start and run and is the smell from the alternator. Do you have and amp meter either analogue or digital. Are all the lights out i.e. no side lights left on ( Indicator left or right ) glove box etc. Does the alarm and immobiliser still work. Regards Peter
My new Battery drained on my golf mk3 - tommo
alternator brushes canked and it it not charging the battery.
hope this helps regards Tommo
My new Battery drained on my golf mk3 - John Doubledime
There is a possibility that the replacement battery was not fully charged. This happened to me recently.
My new Battery drained on my golf mk3 - MW
Very possible as some are on the shelf for some time. I always trickle charge a new battery to get it off to a new start. Then you can pretty well exclude a battery problem.

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