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Tarting Up Trade In - Matthew_J_King
I've got a 2000/W Golf 1.6 SE (60k) that I'm looking to replace with the New(or nearly) equivalent.

For private sale I'd try to make it look as new as possible, but for Dealer Trade-In is it worth fixing;
- 10mm bullseye out of direct vision on windscreen (fixed by Autoglass)
- Nackerred original drivers mat, dirty other mats.
- Stone chips.

I've no problem sending £15 to get it thoroughly cleaned inside and out and it's got full dealer service and MOT certificates. Will they look to sell 'as is' or be happy to fix it up themselves at cost (rather than what it would cost me to get the same work done)?
Tarting Up Trade In - Truckosaurus
I think you are on the right lines with just giving the car a decent clean, and perhaps just throwing the dirty/worn mats out (assuming the carpet underneath is in good shape).

That would cost you very little in terms of cash. I'd be surprised if any dealer would quote 'over book' for a part-ex even if it had a new windscreen and no paint chips.
Tarting Up Trade In - L'escargot
I can't think what more you could do with a bullseye that's already been repaired. A pair of tailored-to-fit rubber mats should solve the front carpet problems ~ I've never known a salesman lift rubber mats to see what's underneath. Stone chips are accepted as normal on a 6 year-old 60K car. The most the dealer would do is valet the car for resale. Maybe not even that if they are going to sell it straight on ~ the dealer who you sell it to may not want a 2000/W 60K car on their forecourt. And if you sell it to a dealer other than a VW dealer then the chances are that they'll sell it straight on anyway. Just clean it up and fit rubber mats in the front.
Tarting Up Trade In - Falkirk Bairn
Good wash & polish. If the stone chips are bad (but no rust) buy the coloured polish to suit your car and do the bonnet - my son's car was scratched a few days b4 delivery of a new car - the red polish applied to the door and buffed up covered the problems and made the swirls & scratches disappear.

£10 on a new set of cheapo mats might just finish it off.
Tarting Up Trade In - blue_haddock
A £15 wash and polish is a good idea as it will at least look clean and tidy when it's being assessed for PX however don't bother with mats or anything like that as it will just be straight down the auction for a car of that age and mileage if you go to a main dealer.
Tarting Up Trade In - steveo3002
all the dealers ive worked at have always thrown the matts away(even if proper orig rubber ones) and fitted their own cheap n cheerfull ones , so i wouldnt waste a penny on new matts...just leave em out if your carpet is nice

to get a decent trade in, give it a good wash n polish and plenty of tyre slick and trim dressing, touch in any big chips or scratches
Tarting Up Trade In - SlidingPillar
And if a plain colour - scratch cover polish it. I've never had the same degree of luck with metallic paint this way, but the plain red car I sold the polish really had a magic effect (so much so I wished I?d done it when I was using the car!).
Tarting Up Trade In - blue_haddock
(so much so I wished I?d done it when I was using the car!).

I've done similar things previously - tarted a car up prior to selling it then thought it looked good so why am i selling it!
Tarting Up Trade In - bell boy
i agree with everything said apart from blacking the tyres,this would tell me that something is amiss somewhere and would put my hackles up and either make me scrutinise the p/x harder or dismiss it altogether.
Tyre foam is acceptable to clean the tyres only.

true but old cant kid a kidder
\"a little man in a big world/\"
Tarting Up Trade In - Stuartli
A full set of quite presentable car mats can be purchased from discount stores for around £4.99.

I have a full set of genuine VW rubber mats that I acquired in 1995 and I've kept them when changing cars because they are of such good quality.

One great advantage is that in bad weather such as snow they prevent water from shoes, boots etc reaching the carpets and it's simple to lift them out and get rid of the water afterwards.
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