New Polo - noise oddity - rimmep1
SWMBO's new Polo 1.4 SE Petrol was taken for it's first long, but steady round-trip yesterday (120 miles). No apparent problems with it up until the last mile home. I wasn't present for the journey, but got quite a colourful description of the problem when I got home.

Whilst at 30mph on local roads, a repetitive "thud thud thud thud" appeared to emanate from the engine bay - lasted about 10/15 seconds, then stopped. Pulling away at the next junction, the noise resumed, louder than before, lasting for at least the same time - but this time culminating with an almighty "thump" then a lenghty "hiss".

The "thud" couldn't be felt through the steering or pedals, and according to SWMBO, the car was otherwise unaffected. Having had a quick look in the light this morning (ran it for 10 minutes) I could see no obvious sign of trouble (no warning lights; fluids levels, power steering, brakes all seemingly ok).

I appreciate that a diagnosis is practically impossible from descriptions of noises in "quotes", but does anyone have any thoughts or experience of this problem? Is there an immediate cause for concern?

Thanks in advance.
New Polo - noise oddity - mickyh7
Could you have picked up somthing in your tyre,then when it was 'flung' out you lost 'some'air? Check your pressures on the front,and inspect for damage-good luck.
New Polo - noise oddity - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Ran over a python? --- hiss.
Not a good idea to keep driving when something dramatic like that happens. Damage can be minimised if it is safe to stop and inspect.
Sounds like a tyre blow-out to me.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.

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