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Hi All

I have had a Car battery charger since the year dot, and have used it so infrequently I threw it out when the enclosure was damaged after a fall from the bench in my shed recently. However, today I find myself in need of a battery charger DOH! and whilst the geek in me really wants a nice fancy one >£50 with past experience and the new way of thinking that, if a battery starts to act up just replace it, prevents me from splashing out and I think I am just going to go for a cheap £17.99 from index (310524) / Garden/diy/security > car > Car accesories
> item 47.

In short is this as cheap as I am going to get?
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Definatly not!! use search against author 4 previous posts, my posts are distinctive by the bad spelling and excessive use of !! and (parenthisis)
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I have had a wall-plug type which was about £15 from my motorcycle shop for about 6 or 7 years and find it adequate for both bikes and cars.
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Look at this months CCC magazine - they've done a test / review.

I've got a Halfords one (£35 approx) but found it can't charge a totally drained battery - it needs to have some poke left. So if your battery dies due to a light left on or an alarm LED over a longish period of time you're stuffed. Apart from that the design is good - space for storing cables and a decent handle and no dials to worry you.

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Most battery chargers in the £15 to £50 price bracket do essentially the same thing, so there's no point paying over the odds unnecessarily
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I think you may find that the little chargers cope with a discharged battery better than a big one.
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Sorry Big Vern,
I wasn't insinuating you were LAS, but I can see why you took it as such.

I was expecting the usual there's one on Yahoo auctions for threepence ha'penny and just made a pre-emptive strike which was obviously just a bit too obscure.

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Got it and nearly presumed enough to post that earlier. I think there will is a battery charger on Yahoo Auctions for a quid but it is lumped in with that Nude Workout Video!!

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You know I've been itching for months to try and work in a post with a reference to thunderskin's on line purchasing habits.

Now who's made a pre emptive strike!

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Notice the tyneside expert has been conspicuous by his absence of late?
Think he's given up? (Or am I tempting fate by posting this?)
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You could build your own:

But I suspect that life is too short.
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Hi, Vern. Whereabouts in Nortel do you work?

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I bought one in LIDL for £ 9.95 - don't know whether it works well or not as I have had no need to use it - cheap though and looks ok. Do you have LIDL near you ? its very very cheap.....
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i would go for a fully automatic one that has a bit of a logic circuit in it. Log into, click on product tests and scroll down to the reviews of fully automatic or manual chargers - should be of some help

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Bought mine about 40 years ago for about £4.00 (beginning to sound like LAS) in a solid metal case and its still as good as ever. Will charge a battery from absolute zero as it had to when my duff alternator flattened the battery completely. It made it squeal for the first couple of hours when the needle was whanging up against the stop at 5 amp.
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Come, come gentlemen.
Not one of you have mentioned our benefactors recommendation elsewhere on this site.
The Airflow Battery Conditioner.
Bit pricey (under £50) but a useful bit of technology and a feast of amber, red and green lights to keep some happy.


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