Car Leasing - Claybuster
Is it worth leasing for "Joe Public"? I know it's a broad statement but has anybody out there got any definate views, pro/cons etc. I'm just talking about basic rental for a couple of years, no option to buy or balloon payment, just a way of getting a new/nearly new car without digging into hard earned savings. Any comments would be appreciated.

PS Just having second thoughts about chopping my CRV in for a new CRV diesel and shelling out all that cash, thinking it might be cheaper to "rent" a second car hence the question
Car Leasing - Dynamic Dave
It's an old thread, but might be of some use:-

Also try a forum search of "New-Car-Leasing" (you will have to change the search date to look for posts over a year old) for some other views as well.
Car Leasing - Claybuster
Thanks DD,
I'll have a look

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