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I need to top up the coolant in my Jazz and the local dealers don't seem to be able to supply the "long life type 2" stuff that the Jazz seems to wants. Given the car is only six months old I suspect that it didn't have enough coolant from day 1 - nice PDI from the Honda dealer!

The dealers seem to think that some Unipart coolant is good enough however it says that on the outside that it's good for two years whereas the labels in the jazz's engine bay talk about 12 years before it needs changing. I suspect that the dealer doesn't really care what I put in the car as he wouldn't be liable!

Any ideas on what's best? I think I should continue my search for the right stuff but it's hard to find.

thanks in advance
Honda Jazz coolant - Aprilia
You should only use the proper Toyota long-life OAT coolant. Don't put any other antifreeze in there. Better to use distilled water and dilute it very slightly, rather than use the wrong concentrate.
Give Honda UK a call if dealers can't/won't supply you.
Honda Jazz coolant - Bill Payer
Sorry if this an insult - obviously I don't know anything about your car knowledge - but are you sure you're checking in the right place, and looking at right level indicator?

I haven't had to top up coolant in many a year - although I did work in a garage years ago and people used to fill their radiators to the top week in week out because the level had dropped half an inch.

I guess the odd thing does get missed at PDI even on a Honda, but I'd be amazed if it was delivered with low coolant. It does also seem amazing that the dealers can't / won't supply the right stuff.
Honda Jazz coolant - nortones2
A good point BP. Recently I thought the coolant level on my Civic had fallen, and asked the parts counter guy (Honda dealer) for a litre or so of the proper long-life coolant. Foreman overheard, and said he'd check it for me. Apparently the level was fine: it is hard to see the level , as they are at the lower end of the reservoir. No charge. BTW, they only had the correct fluid in 5 litre drums.
Honda Jazz coolant - piston power
your car is under warranty demand they sort it out for you?
Honda Jazz coolant - Manatee
This is not an unknown experience...
Honda Jazz coolant - nozmeister

Managed to get the right coolant in the end, in a 1 litre bottle, and topped this off to about half way between the min and max marks. It is difficult to see the level of the coolant until it starts getting up to the min/max level.

To see how low it was I needed to look up from underneath the car - the level was barely covering the bottom of the reserve and needed about 350 ml to come up to the middle of the min/max line.

I did think about getting the dealer to do it but this would have, no doubt, involved booking the car in and then being charged for it as "wear and tear" - I'd rather not take the chance!

I still reckon that there was never enough coolant when we picked the car up new and I don't think it was checked. I did have to point out a number of problems with the car (e.g. marked wing mirrors, missing mats) that should have been sorted out before I even went to pickup the car.

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