Toyota MR2 idling problem - mjm
I am not familiar with Toyotas, can anyone point me in the right direction, please?

The car is a 1991 Mk2 MR2. 2,0 16v. It has 87k on the clock and was last serviced 2k miles ago. I must confess that I haven't given it the once over yet to see how good the service was.It has started stalling when coming to a stop, but not every time. It always re-starts ok and will tickover ok occaisionally.This happens whether the engine is hot or cold. Sometimes the revs drop and rise and the engine can be "caught" before it stalls.
It's my daughter's car, I haven't driven it. The tickover sounds "lumpy" to me. I have had a quick look at it, and can't see any pipes/connectors adrift. I could not hear the throttle position switch activate, but have not checked it with a meter, yet.
She says that it performs ok and is doing about 35mpg.

Are there any known weak spots to check first?
Any guidelines would be most appreciated.
Thank you.
Toyota MR2 idling problem - Aprilia
Sounds like the idle air valve.

Start by giving the whole throttle body and idle air valve a good clean out - use plenty of carb cleaner and a toothbrush. Also check breather hoses are clear.
Toyota MR2 idling problem - mjm
Thanks, Aprilia, looks like Saturday morning is booked up, then.
Toyota MR2 idling problem - mjm
Did the job on Saturday, also noticed that the cooling system overflow tank was "murky" so tried to remove it to clean it out. Gave up in the end(became faint from blood loss through grazed knuckles, cut fingers etc!). Cleaned it out in situ.
I did read that air in the cooling system can cause erratic idling, so next job is drain flush bleed cooling system.
Thanks to Aprilia from daughter, apparantly much improved drivability all round.

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