mondeo heater stays cold - wombler
Hi, I have a 96 1.8 petrol mondeo. The heater does not warm up and the temp gauge does not move even on 30 mile journey. The car has been sittin for around 3 months and has just been put back into use. Would the problem be that the thermostat is stuck - but then this wouldnt explain the temp hand not moving. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have also heard that there is an electrical switch somewhere near the wiper motor that may be the problem - is there any truth in this?

mondeo heater stays cold - piston power
id try a new thermostat if its open the heater won't get warm,you could also try flushing the whole system inc the heater matrix to flush out any sludge blocking, this is the cheapest and most basic for a start.
mondeo heater stays cold - wrangler_rover
I had a similar problem on a Rover 414 Petrol.
The temperature gauge hardly moved, the heater hardly got warm, also it was ticking over at approx 1100 rpm instead of 900 rpm, fuel ecomony wasn't as good as it should have been & there were a lot of fumes from the exhaust when stationary on a cold day.
The thermostat was stuck fully open & the engine never warmed up, changed the thermostst & it solved the above problems.
mondeo heater stays cold - wombler
HI, just to report back. I checked the thermostat and it is opening and closing as it should. Are there any other things that i could check. As before the temp gauge doesn't move even though the engine is warm - could this be a faulty temp sensor? The blower is working fine but the air is just cold.

any suggestions would be much appreciated.

mondeo heater stays cold - bikemade3
I had a similair issue a while back insofar that the temp gauge was wandering about. Previously it has sat on the O of Normal. Changed the stat, did not cure it, changed the sensor, and to date has worked fine.It didn't cost a lot from local Ford dealer. It did however, get hot air from the heater,it appears that you may have a culmination of problems.
mondeo heater stays cold - kal
Change the thermostat and then check the temp input into the ECU? probably need proper diagnostics for this,...
mondeo heater stays cold - Falkirk Bairn
I had a similar no heat problem but not a Mondeo.

The valve situated at the bulhead where 2 pipes go in/out to the heater matrix was stuck.

Moved it manually and the heater was on or off - I had to get the rotary swich inside fixed as the cables had come off. I think it was the result of not having moved the switch over the summer and then because it had partially siezed the cable came off.

Fixed the cable and has been 100% since

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