opinion on three cars. - christina walcott
i am a mother of 2 young children and i have a small budget to purchase a car i have seen a few cars i like and read loads of magasins but i need your honest opionion on which is a good car i like the toyoto yaris, the polos the mercedes
a class and the daewoo matiz whats your opinion on these cars and wheres the best place to purchase them cheep.
Re: Matiz - Neil
I know a few people who worked for Daewoo and one who had a Daewoo. They wouldn't buy a Daewoo again.
Re: Matiz - ladas are slow
what models did they have, was it the new models - matiz, lanos, nubira, leganza. or the old models which EVERYONE know were rubbish - nexia, espero.
Re: opinion on three cars. - Neil

Consider the A-Class, it should have been European Car of the Year. And also the Skoda Fabia which seems better built and better to be in than the Yaris.
Re: Matiz - Tomo
Espero was not that bad, just seriously short of horse power.
Re: opinion on three cars. - Moosh
If buying new:

1.Toyota Yaris best choice!

2. Mercedes A Class too expensive!

3. Vw Polo new model being introduced..... no bargains yet!

4.Daewoo Matiz Don't even consider!
What's wrong with Matiz? - Tomo
My daughter has had hers for three years now, and has been very pleased with it; her only beef was some corrosion on the wheels, which were noticed at a service and replaced WITHOUT ASKING! It regularly comes up to Dundee from the wrong side of Edinburgh, traffic and motorway, without distressing the crew.

I, having my doubts before she bought it, managed to take one out solo to a local place of quiet double roundabouts and failed to capsize it. (For me it would need a turbo, a tacho, twin camshafts and a six speed box for the little block - you do know when the air conditioning cuts in - but I think that is irrelevant to the present inquiry!)

They are certainly more popular around here than any other of the small short nosed cars.

Of course you can beat it. At a price.

Cheers, Tomo
Re: What's wrong with Matiz? - Moosh
Its just personal choice, I don't like any of the micro cars.
Not nice to drive on motorways........ never felt secure in them.

As regards price........ a secondhand Yaris or Polo would be better value.

But if you want to buy new on a limited budget I suppose one of them would have to be considered.
Re: opinion on three cars. - Eleanor
Christina: buy the Toyota and I am certain you will not regret it. Toyota's reliability and build quality are second to none.

Re: The Wrong Side of Edinburgh - Ronnie Courtney
Tomo - Surely your daughter doesn't live on the *wrong* side of Edinburgh? The *far* side, possibly, but as a wee Edinburgh laddie I can't accept that there are *any* wrong sides! Dodgy maybe, but never wrong ....


Re: The Wrong Side of Edinburgh - Tomo
Any good Glaswegian will tellyou the best bit of Edinburgh is the Glasgow platform at Waverley!
Re: The Wrong Side of Edinburgh - boost
Niddrie - Craigmiller ? How wrong do you want.........
Re: The Wrong Side of Edinburgh - Ronnie Courtney

I *may* answer your question when you learn to spell!

Re: The Wrong Side of Edinburgh - boost
CraigmillAr then - I'm soooooo sorry.
Re: The Wrong Side of Edinburgh - Ronnie Courtney
"Niddrie - Craigmiller ? How wrong do you want........."

"CraigmillAr then - I'm soooooo sorry"

Boost -

What - no Pilton? And you do realise that Tomo will be watching this correspondence keenly!

More seriously, how interesting that you should pick out two areas in which I used to do voluntary work. In the main, I found that the people I helped had hearts of gold, a fierce pride in their community, and nothing but contempt for those whose behaviour dragged the neighbourhood down. I also found that they were very unhappy about people from elsewhere, possibly commenting with a less than detailed knowledge, taking the name of their area in vain.

Apology accepted, and I'm sorry too if it was less than clear in my *original* post that the words "tongue" and "cheek" were firmly in mind - not everyone can live in the New Town .....

Lang may your lum reek!

Re: The Wrong Side of Edinburgh - boost
Did I put down the good people of Craigmillar?
It is one of the wrong sides of town though.
My Mrs used to work at the Brook Advisory in Craigmillar - maybe you came into the clinic one day for a bit of - you know - ahem - advice........

Nurse the screens!

Re: The Wrong Side of Edinburgh - Ronnie Courtney
Tomo - Fully agree, assuming, firstly, that one can find a *good* Glaswegian and, secondly, that we are talking about arrivals *from* Glasgow! Curiously enough, I have a foot in both camps, with Father from Glasgow and Mother from Edinburgh. For your amusement, my Father used to say the train journey from Glasgow was the longest 45 miles in the universe and, in rare moments of stress, that he wished that he'd got off at Falkirk! Conversely, my Mother in order to hold her head high in the salons of the New Town, used to say that her husband came from the western suburbs of Edinburgh ....

Boost - Yes you did, and yes "Ah ken whit ye mean ..." but a nice try all the same. Thankfully for all concerned, I have never exposed myself in Craigmillar (or anywhere else for that matter)!

Regards to both, and I'll spare you the story about the drunk in the "Ladies Only" compartment on the last train from Waverley to Queen Street.


PS You'll have *had* your tea?

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