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spark plug removal - 1.6 Astra Automatic - fence
Without sounding like a complete novice which i am ,I need information how to remove spark plugs from my Astra 1.6 automatic.The HT leads come from a rectangular box attached to the top of engine.The actual leads are a black corrugated plastic covered.Where they attach to the top of the spark plug there is a concertina like shaped drum.Ive looked in the Haynes manual but it does not refer to this type.I dont really want to start pulling anything out incase i do damage.Ive done 32000miles .They are due out at 40000miles .Can anyone help please.
spark plug removal - 1.6 Astra Automatic - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
No worries, I applaud your caution. I'm a little confused with your description but removal of the plugs is straightforward. Need to Identify the engine type whether single or double overhead cam, I suspect you have the single overhead species with the plugs facing forwards at 45 degrees. Grasp the ht lead close to where it enters the aluminium tube and rotate it side to side by 45 degrees to unstick the boot from the plug and firmly pull the lead out of the aluminium tube. Use a 16mmAF plug socket to remove the plugs. If they are really that old they may be stiff to remove, undo each plug about 2 turns then give each plug a long squirt of wd40 (or similar) go for a cuppa and a bun and then they should come out without too much fuss. A smear of copper grease on the new plugs (NGK BKR6EK) threads will make life easier, dont over-tighten!
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spark plug removal - 1.6 Astra Automatic - Ruperts Trooper
All Astras, from '98-on have "direct ignition" which means no conventional coil or distributor. This includes both 1.6 versions, 8v and 16v. Vauxhalls recommended change interval is 40,000 miles or 4 years.

On the 1.6 16v engine the ignition pack lies along the top of the engine between the two halves of the camshaft housing. The pack fits directly on top of the spark plugs so removal of the ignition pack is necessary. Once visible the plugs can be removed in the same way as the 8v but make sure the correct plugs are fitted.

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