New Polo - Chris Eglinton
What do you think of the new Polo, and what is the best engine to have if I travel approx 250 miles per week going to work. Is it going to be a good long-term purchase.
Re: New Polo - Phil
The 100hp TDI engine should be miserly on fuel and should have plenty of go for motorways. However, it will be expensive and I would think it would be hard to get a good deal on one for a while (probably same applies to all Polos). Have you considered the Skoda Fabia? Virtually the same as a Polo and cheaper.

In terms of residuals, there is no better small car than a Polo.
Re: Dont Forget The New Citroen C3. - roger
The Skoda Fabia TDI comfort is a great little car. Mine has aircon, PAS, Leccy windows, refrigerated(sic) compartments,Traction control, etc etc etc. Is now run in & returning just a touch over 5.0 litres per 100 km.
Re: New Polo - Andy P
Don't forget the new Honda Jazz.

Re: New Polo - Antonio Montoya
I have seen the new polo in the flesh at the VW garage - In my opinion the 1.2 3 door base model looks like the best value.
Re: New Polo - Honest John
Road tests of both the new Polo and the Honda Jazz on this website. Please start visiting the Backroom via the Home Page. The new Polo 1.2 is much more nimble than the 1.9 PD 100 because it has far less engine weight over the front wheels, but the PD 100 is still not too bad and a very good cruiser. Makes me wonder what the new Ibiza PD 130 will be like.

Re: New Ibiza - Neil
The New Ibiza would get my money (and probably will). The Ibiza will, if current models are an indication, be better spec'd than the Polo for the same price.

Whereas the Golf looks like the Golf and has evolved over time, the New Polo is a considerable change from the old model's styling, and I feel it to be a change for the worst. Of the VAG small hatchbacks the Ibiza is the most attractive, followed by the Fabia, and finally the Polo.

The only danger of going with the Ibiza could be lower residual value than the Polo.
Re: New Ibiza - Honest John
The other possible problem with the new Ibiza might be range of engines. Though it will get the PD 130 with six speed box, it doesn't seem to be getting the new Polo's zingy three pot 1.2, and the 75bhp 1.4 which it will get is 2nd most boring engine in the new Polo line up. (Most boring has to be the 1.9SD.)

Dont Forget The New Citroen C3. - ladas are slow
i am now a citroen fanatic (mainly because of my mothers BX), and i think that the new baby citroen looks VERY nice, and has a nice little luggage divider in the boot.

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