Advice on buying a nearly new car - Tony Campbell
I am considering buying a 9-12 month old either Vectra CDX or Mondeo GhiaX
(probably not the vectra due to the impending model change) I have previously purchaed cars either from the large warehouse type dealers or at a closed trade auction via a broker.

I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas. I had though of buying from the Hire Companies eg Hertz, but I do not know if they sell direct.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Tony in Winchmore Hill
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Hertz ( and Avis ( do sell off their ex-vehicles to the public. Just follow the links from their UK websites ...

Re: Advice on buying a nearly new car - Honest John
I think you'll be better off bidding in a competitive environment, such as the Ford sale at BCA Blackbushe on Thursday (see news on this website).


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