Used Primeras, am i missing something - likerocks
Hi all,

I need a new car for a new job. I've read the review and really quite fancy a 99-02 Primera 2.0 Sport.

Unfortunately most of the examples on Autotrader seem to be overpriced or lacking service history....should I be looking elsewhere for one of these cars in the 2-3k range?
Used Primeras, am i missing something - bikemade3
Local independent has had a 1.8 16V Sport 2000 W reg 50K, 2 previous owner with FSH on hs forecourt for the last 6 months, priced at IIRC around £3795.
I was looking, as i did not know at the time, if my current car was going to be repaired post accicdent. Intention was to soldier on untill after xmas and then waft £2700 of cash under their noses.
What amazes me is it's still for sale, and will be at that price.
Used Primeras, am i missing something - scott1s
Great car and you should be able to get one in that range. The 2.0 especially drives superbly
Used Primeras, am i missing something - John Doubledime
Where to buy a good 2 litre P11 144?

Possibly local papers around Sunderland.

I have a feeling that cars of that age at auction may be high risk.

I would suggest Ebay and Exchange and Mart.

I am hoping that the Backroom will come up with some other ideas for both of us.
Used Primeras, am i missing something - scott1s
Log on to and register with It's a good site and you will get loads of info/pointers there.
EBay seems to have a few on there just now but mostly 1.8's. Check 'em out too, but hte 2.0 is a far better bet IMHO.
Used Primeras, am i missing something - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
Shame - I sold a 99 2.0 Sport+ on ebay last summer, £2600 roughly. It was a superb car, fsh etc - I regret selling it now but it had to go at the time. They do exist.

Watch out for ABS actuating at low speed - this is a cracked rotor, and will need a new CV joint fitting. Didn't have any other problems with it.
Used Primeras, am i missing something - steve.m
I've had my Nissan Primera Gx 2.0 for 9 years now from new and nothing has gone wrong with it except to replace worn parts such as tyres and brakes. Clutch is still fine after 90,000 miles - I've had these go at 50k on other cars I've owned. These cars are built like tanks and I'm so satisfied I've gone out and bought a brand-new Primera Flare at below list price from Davids of Ripon who have been thoroughly helpful and attentive.

Only trouble with the old one is that the seats feel a bit low down and closer to the road compared with the new, and there aren't nearly so many toys to play with (and probably not so much to go wrong) on the old.

Sorry I'm not selling it, my wife is using the car now and the intention is to run it into the ground. I originally bought it from the Nissan main dealer in deleted - {as per the no name / shame policy this site operates. DD}, who were not easy to deal with at the time and remain so today- their sales people could not care less and would not give me any kind of deal on the new car when I went back to them as a previous customer.
Used Primeras, am i missing something - likerocks
Thanks for your comments,

will have a look at Exchange & Mart - EBay isn't throwing up much other than a dealer who is selling obvious auction cars under the guise of p/ex's

Am having a look at an 80k FNSH example for £2.5k tomorrow, and going armed with the Used Car Expert guide...wish me luck!
opinions on a used car, please? - likerocks
Hi all,

Further to my post earlier: {which has been merged, as it's related to your previous question. DD}

I've recently viewed an example which seemed OK visibly and was fine to drive, but on inspection, it had only had 6 services in 84k. Most oil changes were 12k apart instead of 9, but there was one occasion when the interval was 22k.

The car wasn't obviously suffering from cam chain wear or smoking, and to its benefit a couple of jobs including cv boots and exhaust mid-section had been taken care of. (lambda warning light still needed resetting, though)

Is this car worth a buy if the price is right?
opinions on a used car, please? - Aprilia
Depends what the price is, doesn't it.

Personally I would have thought there were better examples out there - but you have to make a judgement as to how you think it has been driven and looked after - how many owners?

The lambda light is a problem - it wouldn't be affected by the exhaust replacement (the sensor is in the manifold) so I think there is something there that needs looking in to (not just 'resetting').
opinions on a used car, please? - oilfilter
My neighbour just had her car written off by a careless driver, the insurer gave her £1600 for it so there was not a lot of money to play with.. that until she noticed the 99-02 Primeras and how cheap they are. She managed to get a Y plate/ 80k 1.8s from a main dealer (someone?s px) for £1700. I think this a tremendous value for a 4 years old car with all the toys.
opinions on a used car, please? - Collos25
03 diesel 2.2 saloon 1 owner 30,000mls in silver £6495 on a lot by my office seems quiet good value for retail.

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