VAG hose clips (tip) - nick62
When changing the radiator on my 2000 Passat TDI, I needed a new spring retaining clip for the "bottom hose" as the old one had rusted away, (see post "Passat coolant loss"). These are not available individually unless you buy a completely new hose (suprise, suprise), but VAG sell a part number "6Q0122291F" which is an adaptor/drain assembly which has this clip fitted and costs approx. £3 with VAT. Expensive for a 20p clip, but a lot less than a new bottom hose and it is a necessity!

I Just thought that this may help someone in the same situation if the local VAG parts department is less accomodating than mine.

P.S. If anyone wants the above adapter (sans clip) please ask and it can be yours for the cost of a stamp!


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