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Omega 94 tensioner 2.0L 16v - happyvaux
Hi all,

how do you tell if the tensioner's gone ? I've got a noise from timing belt cover, but all looks ok with cover off.( Tensioner is at the far left of the indicators)
If it's the water pump, how is it best to tell & do I do the belt kit as well?

Omega 94 tensioner 2.0L 16v - bell boy
with the belt off spin the tensioner,if noisy problem found, change the tensioner and while you are there you may as well do the water pump spin it by hand it should be smooth and no side to side play.Dont forget to renew the timing belt as it should not be reused once taken off.
Omega 94 tensioner 2.0L 16v - happyvaux
Thanks a lot oldman,

I have one concern though. I'm trying to set it at TDC ( it's a DOHC ) Should the left side cam say intake & the right side say exhaust ? I'm a bit concerned that the tensioner's gone & the belt's slipped. Anyone know of a pic anywhere? Just to be really sure.


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