Queuing for the sales - king arthur
Coming back from London today I came round the North Circular eastbound heading for the M1 at Brent Cross, however when approaching the slip road I found the queue for it was half a mile long and I had already missed my chance to join it. These people were of course not queuing for the start of the M1 but for Brent Cross Shopping Centre. Went on to the Brent Cross flyover and turned around to get on the M1 the other way which presented me with no delays. But there were cars parked everywhere! The whole area was solid with people queuing to park.

My question is, why? Do people just think, hey let's jump in the car and go shopping! Only when they get there they never think, what's the point, and turn around and head home. I would.
Queuing for the sales - bikemade3
Just the same on the M5 junction 17(?) for Cribbs Causeway.
Queuing for the sales - L'escargot
Chacun a son gout.


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