Hose repair , possible? 1.3 Escort - Carl2
Is it possible to repair a bottom hose. I was wondering if there is some kind of tape or alternative product available? As the bottom hose touched the alternator I thought I could just pop into the Ford main dealer and get another one , ha no chance. The hose has been on order for the last five days from the factory with no idea when it may arrive. I only want something that will get me mobile till the hose arrives. What astounds me is that the car in question is a standard 1.3 Escort (97). according to the dealer hoses are frequently changed on Escorts for this problem but they don,t keep them in stock. I have tried to locate a hose within a 10mile radius ,even tried a breaker. tomorrow I shall try within a 25mile radius. I still can,t comprehend that such a common part can be so hard to find.
Hose repair , possible? 1.3 Escort - bell boy
cant a motor factor find you one?from quinten hazel?
Hose repair , possible? 1.3 Escort - Carl2
incredibly not in my area (I still can,t believe this will try Colchester tomorrow)
Hose repair , possible? 1.3 Escort - Cyd
1) measure the inside diameter of the hose then compare it with the outside diameter of standard plastic piping available from your local plumbers merchant. 42mm is a common waste pipe size. you might be able to cut out the damaged area and use a piece of plastic pipe to re-join the two pieces.

2)Make sure the pipe is totally dry and clean (off the car). Get some PVC tape at least 25mm in width and wrap it tightly around the damaged area. Even better if you can put a piece of flexible plastic or aluminium over the hole to strengthen that immediate area (a piece cut from a freezer/food storage box might do). Once you've got several layers of PVC wrap the whole area tightly with Duck tape - at least 5 layers over the hole and 3 inches each side of the damage.
Hose repair , possible? 1.3 Escort - Carl2
Brilliant idea Cyd(P). No 1 should be simple for me as I work with a team of engineers in a company with a huge workshop. Seems so obvious now you have mentioned it.Many thanks.
Hose repair , possible? 1.3 Escort - Civic8
try a plumbing shop,they do a stretch tape that will withstand extreme heat.I have used it in cases where fix is impossible due to time of day
Hose repair , possible? 1.3 Escort - Aprilia
I always keep a roll of 'self-amalgamating tape' - wonderful stuff. You wrap it around the hole and it 'amalgamates' to give a semi-permanent repair. I then wrap a layer of PVC tape on top to give additional strength. I've fixed a few leaky top and bottom hoses - never failed yet.

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