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Picasso 1.8 petrol engine rattle - adam0303
I have a 1.8 sx Picasso 2001 "y" 16v petrol Picasso and it has the most annoying noise it is most common when cold and more noticeable when putting the throttle down the engine rattles well I say rattle its more of a rat a tat tat "sorry that?s the closest I can get it in words" it has a full service history and don?t understand why it does it doesn?t knock though and seems to get quieter the warmer the engine gets I don?t know if it is in unison with the engine turning over or if its something attached to the engine i.e. some sort of heat shield I just don?t know is there any helpful people that may b able to shed some light on this for me.
Picasso 1.8 petrol engine rattle - Xileno {P}
I would suspect something like a heat shield. As the engine temperature rises, it is expanding a tiny amount, just to move it away from whatever it's touching.

But this is an educated guess, it's very hard without hearing it.
Picasso 1.8 petrol engine rattle - Civic8
it is difficult to say without hearing it,but sounds like piston slap as it goes when warming up.
Picasso 1.8 petrol engine rattle - Xileno {P}
I originally thought that as well but discounted it since the car is quite new. Maybe worth checking the oil level, I knew a man who had strange noises with his MG ZS and it turned out to be low oil.
Picasso 1.8 petrol engine rattle - Roberson
When was it last serviced?

My sisters Clio has long service intervals, and after about 15000 miles in two years, the valve gear was quite audible, presumably cos the oil was well past its best and was thinner than it should be.

After a service, the noise was considerably fainter.
Picasso 1.8 petrol engine rattle - cjwheeler
Hi Adam,

My 2001 sx is making the same noise as you desribe - did you ever find out what was the problem? Does is sound a bit like a diesel?


Picasso 1.8 petrol engine rattle - cjwheeler
I had the same problem with my 1.8 LX. It was caused by low oil level - now topped up and the noise has disappeared!!!The garage have checked and there is no leak. It must just eat oil!


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