deep swirls in paintwork - Ian71
I have recently got a 2004 Vectra estate in metallic blue. I have noticed that the paintwork seems to have a number of very deep looking swirl marks in it when the sun falls in cerain directions. I did not notice these when I bought/picked up the car as it was a bit overcast. The marks look like somebody has either polished it bady or washed the car with something abrasive. It was bought from a local vauxhall dealer and is covered by the Network Q warranty.

I have had them 'mop' the car which has helped a little, but the marks are still there. When the sun is not on the car, it looks absolutley fine.

Is there anything that I could do to remove these marks?

Any help would be appreciated!
deep swirls in paintwork - bell boy
take it back and tell them to polish it again with swirl mark remover,i jest not,and tell them to take more care with the electric buffer next time

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