Mondeo TD Electrical problem - Blue {P}
Hi all, my mate's 1994 Mondog broke down on him two nights ago. I wasn't there when it stopped, but apparently the engine was running fine and then just died, (the oil pressure light came on but my mate assures me that this only came on after engine stopped) when he tried restarting it the car stuggled to turn over and the lights were dimming heavily.

Even as we stood beside the car with the hazards flashing you could see the interior light dimming every time the flashed, this leads us to the probable conlcusion that the battery has died.

But, there were no warnings of any problems with alternator, what exactly would cause a battery to just stop working in mid jounrey?

Unless anyone can think of a more likely culprit for the lights dimming etc?

Mondeo TD Electrical problem - Screwloose

Have you tried jump-starting it with heavy jump-leads or recharging the battery. The main earth connexion on to the top of the clutch housing can sometimes work loose too. Fit a temporary earth [jump-lead?] between battery neg and clean metal on the engine and re-try.

Does the "battery" still light come on with the ignition; or has it gone missing? Got a voltmeter?
Mondeo TD Electrical problem - Altea Ego
Batteries can suddenly lay down and die yes.

1/ Check all the battery terminals. In fact take them off and clean them up.
2/Check all the major engine/body earth straps (undo an dclean them if possible)

if 1&2 fail then change battery.

Mondeo TD Electrical problem - Blue {P}
Thanks guys, I knew you wouldn't let met down, will get in touch with him today and try and make some suggestions!

Mondeo TD Electrical problem - Blue {P}
Well, just an update.

After a closer look at his battery I realised that it was one of the antique types that you have to top up yourself (last time I saw one was in my dad's Orion)

It seems that the battery has just given up on him altogether whilst in motion, even after charging it isn't showing the correct voltage across it.

As soon as payday comes around he will no doubt buy a new one and I'm confident it should splutter into life again.

Mondeo TD Electrical problem - asti
hi, a car will keep running if the battery is faulty as the alternator not the battery is surplying the 12 odd volts to keep car running.make sure the alternator is charging.most batteries can be topped up even if it says maintenance free.
Mondeo TD Electrical problem - bell boy
if the battery has gone completely duff up even on a diesel it will stop the engine as the alternator wont be able to keep up
Mondeo TD Electrical problem - Collos25
no it won't
Mondeo TD Electrical problem - sierraman
Quite right,as long as there is enough power to keep the fuel shut off open it will keep running,being an old fashioned diesel.
Mondeo TD Electrical problem - bell boy
what a load of baloney,the next breakdown i go to where the battery has taken more then the alternator can supply and the car has stalled and wont run i will say (havnt a clue mate i always found a new battery would cure it but after all these years im wrong)
Mondeo TD Electrical problem - Blue {P}
Well we'll soon find out 'cos I'm driving him to buy a new battery on Wednesday, once that is done I will try and persuade him to get the alternator checked, although having had the battery tested we know that it is utterly useless!

Mondeo TD Electrical problem - far0n
Just my two-penneth....

My alternator packed up on my old 95 TD Mondeo and I managed to drive for another 30 mins before it eventually conked out.

Value my car