Bulgarian car Hire - BobbyG
Anyone any experience of car hire in Bulgaria, particularly from Bourgas Airport pick up?
Bulgarian car Hire - Armitage Shanks {p}
A Toyota Corolla is £200 for a week, and many details such as opening hours etc can be found thru a Google search. What else do you want to know?
Bulgarian car Hire - BobbyG
Cheers for that, any further info on recommended companies etc?
Bulgarian car Hire - BobbyG
Further to my previous post, now actually getting round to booking a hire car. I will be picking up / dropping off at Bourgas Airport.

Has anyone hired a car in Bulgaria and can recommend a particular hire company?
Bulgarian car Hire - BobbyG
Well in case anyone is travelling out to Bulgaria sometime in the future, I booked my car through www.economycarrentals.com and this ultimately got me a car from www.rentomobile.com

I would recommend them, they were cheaper than the others for a Focus estate and were very flexible with their drop off times and locations.

Driving in Bulgaria was an expereince. There is the one major road that links up from Bourgas airport, through Sunny Beach, Obzor and to Varna where the other airport is. This is a single lane road, through mountain passes and the Bulgarians always overtake, usually on blind corners! Very challenging but not once did I hear a driver blast his horn at another for cutting him up or trying to force him off the road! Most cars travel with headlights on, presumably so that in a distance you can tell whether a car is coming towards you or away from you!

Nearly missed my flight back today due to a head on crash between two cars just outside Bourgas airport. Looked very nasty and full road was closed as a result. It happened about 20 vehicles in front of me and its times like that you thank someone up there!

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