another airbag question - bmw - storme
My air bag light comes on when the car is warm

not in the morning on my way to work 10 minute drive
not in the evening on my way home 10 minute drive

but intermitently comes on when driving say 5 miles and the car is warm
it will stay on for a few seconds and them go off
then it will stay on for a minute and go off
sometimes it wont come on for a while,,sometimes it is on/off/on/off/on/off

now.....the question is ,,,have i caused it???????????

i had a rattle by the passenger door ,, i squirted some spray grease around

the door frame, the seat bolsters, the side of the dash,,the top of the dash,underneath the dash,the door trim,the door handles(inside) basically ,,anywhere that could move..have i squirted a sensor???

and how much,,,in the UK would it cost to goto a dealership and have the sensors reset...???
another airbag question - BobbyG
Usually, giving the make of a car helps people come up with answers to your problems!
another airbag question - storme
bmw {Now added. DD}
another airbag question - Dynamic Dave
Have you got blower vents under the front seats for the rear passengers? Maybe the heat is affecting the connections to the seat belt pretensioners (if fitted) hence why it only happens when the car is warm.
another airbag question - Aprilia
The sensors are sealed - so no chance the grease got into the system.
You need the BMW electronic diagnostics on this one - anything from £50-100 a shot.
another airbag question - storme
thx aprilia

if they are sealed then i havnt done it,,,just coincidence...

as it happens....i have a mate who works for bmw,,,and he has access the the diagnostic computer at weekends... :)

thx chaps
another airbag question - storme
but as DD says,,,i will vent the air up for a while,,to test that theory

today going to and coming from work,,,total drive time of 30 light...
so i will post again on saturday when i have a longer drive
thx chaps
another airbag question - storme
well,,ive worked out what it is....

i think

yesterday,i spent ALL day driving around with my daughter in the REAR..and the light didnt go on AT ALL...

so it is something to do with the front seat...

another airbag question - Adam {P}
This is a pure guess but you never know.

I know some cars only activate the airbag when someone's sitting in the seat. So that might mean it's not your seat but still something to do with the airbag. It's only warning you when it's on, which is when someone is sitting in the seat.

No idea if that's right though...
another airbag question - storme
well,,,,i made sure the ignition was completely off...

and i un-did all the connections under the seat...cleaned them and then re-seated the plugs....and now 2 weeks later everything is still good

the moral of the story.....dont squirt wax/grease all around without thinking 1st....i could have easily destroyed the whole airbag system
another airbag question - bell boy
have you tried wd40 i read somewhere that this helps?

{I'm sure your comment is purely tongue in cheek oldman, but can we drop it now please, before any further upset is caused - DD}
another airbag question - Screwloose

WD40 does apparently help with the usual contaminated under-seat plugs. I've always found proprietory [Wurth] contact cleaner works for me; but as it's silicone contamination [from the seat's foam rubber] that's upsetting the gold contacts, then it sort of makes sense that a silicone solvent like WD40 would work.


How's yours holding up; still OK? If you suspect the front passenger's seat is the root of the problem, get the codes read somewhere; the "botty sensor pad" in the seat base is renowned for going open-circuit. Really deep joy to change. BMW seat plugs are usually quite good - certainly in comparison to anything French.
another airbag question - storme
the seat was sorted out a yr was the post

oldman is referring to a much newer post...obviously he's just TRYING to be funny...

how about we arrange a meeting in person {As I already said, can we drop this matter now please. I am happy to pass your email addresses onto one another if you like so that you can continue your lovers tiff away from the forum - DD}
sometimes a little bit too much opinion....but its only because i care !!!

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