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re-gassing air conditioning - tucks
I have a Toyota Rav4 sept 03 2Years old I have been advised by my service garage that the air con is recommended to be re-gassed after 2 years. can anyone tell me if this is really neccessary after such a short time at a cost of £85
re-gassing air conditioning - Adam {P}
Tempting fate I know but I have a '99 Focus and the aircon works perfectly.

If it ain't broke...
re-gassing air conditioning - patently
I've never needed to re-gas an aircon system routinely. Does it blow cold air? If it does, then what's the worry? It's not as if aircon failure makes the car have an accident.
re-gassing air conditioning - teabelly
If the only way the screen demists properly is with working aircon then it is technically possible to have aircon failure to cause an accident :-) You have to keep an eye on gas levels as you can knacker expensive components. I am speaking from experience as I have just been told my compressor is dead (£600 new) evaporator is leaking (that's what that strange bottle shaped thing is) and the condensor radiator is also leaking. I need the aircon for demisting the screen and knowing how clever nissan electronics are they have probably decided if the aircon is dead the window demist won't do anything >:-( Mine was blowing cold fine last week and it appears these things do seem to be able to operate for long enough without gas to make you think nothing is wrong....
re-gassing air conditioning - Bromptonaut
Suspect reccomendation is preventative maintenance. A regass will renew the lubricant/sealant that helps keep the system healthy and leakproof. Ignore it, save £85 now and take the chance of a bigger bill down the line. The choice is yours.
re-gassing air conditioning - patently
If the only way the screen demists properly is with working
aircon then it is technically possible to have aircon failure to
cause an accident :-)

Good point.
re-gassing air conditioning - jacks
Have a look at the Honest John's FAQ in the left hand panel: Question no 18 gives a lot of info on Aircon servicing.

My own view is that if the system is working, and you take care of it by running it switched on most of the time, then leave it alone. Of course the garages will want to service it- it's an easy job (for them) to pump out and replace the gas, and a nice earner.

I have a 1999 car with Aircon still working perfectly with the original gas - 4 years ago I was told (incorrectly) by the main dealer that the Aircon needed regassing when the system was blowing a mixture of hot and cold air. As they couldn't book the car in for another 3 weeks time I called in at a local A/C specialist (not automotive , but a firm specialising in agriculture and refrigerated truck systems)and they took a look at it - the only way to check the amount of gas in the system is to pump it out and weigh it, this was done and found to be ok and the guy simply pumped the old gas back in and said basically that it it ain't broke ...........
He then felt a few hoses and diagnosed a sticking water valve (nothing to do with A/C) which I had replaced at the main dealer under warranty.
Interestingly I've never been told by either the main dealer (BMW) or the specialist independent I now use that the A/C needs servicing
re-gassing air conditioning - as003
Air Conditioning systems normally lose 10% of the gas each year, so after 6-7 years, it is normal for it to need a re-gas.

My Mazda 323, which is 8 years old, had to be re-gassed in July 2005. The old air was taken out and measured, and was found to have about 20grams. The system was filled and checked for leaks etc. It cost £70 to have it done at my door by a local independent. It cost nothing for him to come and check it.
Try Car Medics.

re-gassing air conditioning - Falkirk Bairn
Similar issue re Mazda Xedos - AC working but not cooling. Tested at local auto electrician - Temp 16, cold air was 12. After re-gassing the airflow was 7/8. £75 for 7 years use - cannot be bad. only 100 gms remaining - now 800gms and blowing cold

You can buy a DIY canister of gas/lubricant at Halfords for £40 but do not know of anyone that has tried it.
re-gassing air conditioning - blue_haddock
In all my time at Toyota i never saw any reference to a 2 year interval for air con re-gas so i would say it's just the dealership trying it on.
re-gassing air conditioning - Ian D
If a 2 year aircon service was essential it would be in the service schedule and if you did not adhere to it it could affect the warranty. It is dealers trying it on to make money (as usual)
re-gassing air conditioning - Honestjohn
Our early '98 Mondeo had a re-gas last week. Was down to 55%, despite taking my own advice and running the a/c to cold once a week every week to circulate the refrigerant, and leaving it permannetly on. So eventually you do need a re-gas. But you only need to every 2-3 years if there is a fault with the system or if you are not running it all year round.

re-gassing air conditioning - Tiffx19
I re-gassed the aircon in my '85 Pontiac Fiero with a kit I got from Ebay USA-cost about £30 delivered,came with a thermometer,all the fittings,leak stop and gas.Said to be compatible with R12 and R134a,worked a treat,but don't get it on your skin!!!!
re-gassing air conditioning - vsource
I didn't know anything about re-gassing air-con and when mine packed up at few months ago (punto 2001 1.9JDTi), I called out a trusty man to come and have a look. After a quick check on the pressure yes it seemed I needed re-gassing (a snip at £55), however two weeks later it had packed up again!!!! I called my man back and he tested the system again got out his sniffer thingy and discovered that I had a leak behind the front air vents. The chappy said that quite often air-con system packs up and people don't realise it (normally during the winter months), then pipes start to corrode and form holes. His suggestion was to live without air-con as long as I could and then when I sell it back to the dealer don?t say anything ;o) . So to test or not to test there is the question? I must admit I was expecting mine to last a little bit longer and not pack up just 3 months after my warranty expired.
re-gassing air conditioning - MW
If it is a Toyota and working leave it until there is a problem. I suspect the factory contents may be better anyway. An American friend of mine has a 15 year old Camry. Air con gets serious use. Never had a problem or work done.
re-gassing air conditioning - Roger Jones
Here's the opinion of the guy who's going to be doing two of my cars in a few months' time (three-year interval):


I invited him to participate in that thread.

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