Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
I don't think this would be best in any of the IHAQ threads simply because sat nav and motoring go hand in glove and besides, people may find any replies useful.

I took my sat nav on the first longish outing yesterday. I couldn't mount it on the dash as I'm getting a bracket made up specifically for my car so the holder and mount is at the place who are doing it.

I wasn't driving, and it seemed to take an age to get a signal. This isn't the first time in this car. I thought perhaps that the Renault I was in had one of them new style photo-chromatic something or other windscreens as it only picked up 4 satellites. The most it ever had was 9 but more commonly 6-7.

It got us there certainly. A few problems I noticed. When stopped in traffic, it seemed to lose where we were. It would put us in the middle of nowhere or say turn left now when just seconds before it said follow the road for 3 miles. Once on the move again, it seemed to clear itself.

It would occasionally be a little too late with the direction but I think this was because it got confused at the same time. Whether that was due to the screen or not I don't know.

Another point to note was that I was holding it. I'm sure that that would be the equivalent of the car moving when I moved my arm so it wouldn't have been as accurate as usual.

All in all, from Merseyside to Chesterfield, we took just two wrong turns and they only happened when it seemed to lose teh satellites. On the way back, we had it on but made our general way back from memory. It seemed to agree with our way though.

The eta was also spookily spot on. It reckoned 1 hr 49 to get there and we got there in 2 hours. Then 1hr 46 on the way back and we got back 1 hr 40 later. I'm sure that's good. I mean, I don't know what it bases the times on but surely the margin of error is usually larger than that.

All in all, I was quite impressed. Not made up with it losing the signal but it was in my lap not by the windscreen. Put it this way, I could quite happily go on another "long" distance journey with it. You just have to remember that it's not foolproof and you need to pay attention to where you're going regardless.

Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
And I've just realised, there are no questions in there whatsoever. It was just me waffling on!

Feel free to contribute any thoughts though.
Sat Nav - General Questions - islandman
What make is it?
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
Just a cheapo Navigon PNA 150 thing. That being said, my uncle's having great trouble with his Tom Tom 700 and says it loses the signal on his way to work all the time. He's currently in "negotiations" with them about fixing it which makes me feel a little better!
Sat Nav - General Questions - islandman
I bought a Tomtom Go 500 during the summer and so far I've been very impressed. 2 long trips to unknown areas and the Tomtom was spot on. Even when I took the wrong exit from a roundabout (my fault as I counted wrong)! the Tomtom instantly picked this up and recalculated instructions.

So far can't fault it for navigation - next trip this weekend so will try it again.

Only complaint has been with the suction mount which looked a bit flimsy and broke(the actual Tomtom unit feels very robust & is quite heavy). Logged this via Tomtom website and they despatched replacement by UPS - no questions asked.

To summerise Tomtom isn't cheap but so far looks good.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
Definitely. My uncle's looks very high quality and I like the mounting arm. It reaches down from the windscreen and sits on the dash to reduce vibrations. It looks very sturdy - moreso than mine.

I'm considering buying an external aerial but am unsure as to whether this would gurantee a lot more satellites.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Rover25
I've been using a TomTom Go (now being called a classic i think) since last Christmas. Found it to be very useful and normally 'finds' satellites Ok. Some rare instances of dodgy directions, like trying to send you down a pedestrian route, but i suspect that is more to do with an out of date map. I'd certainly recommend a Tom Tom to anyone wanting a dedicated SAT NAV unit rather than a PDA based application. Anybody know if map updates can be downloaded from the WWW ?
Sat Nav - General Questions - Smarttrams
Hi Rover25,
I also have a tomtom go, and have been getting my updates or I find the ttg is very hit and miss. I try and use it where ever i go, but it seems that i know shorter routes than the sat-nav. It is handy for the speed traps though.
Sat Nav - General Questions - John S
Haven't a car specific unit, but a handheld Garmin, which I've used in the car. If it's not been used for a while ('cold start')it takes some time to find satellites. Their position moves. I've found selecting 'new location' speeds aquisition. Restarting 'warm' gets much quicker satellite lock. If the unit is moving in a car when it's switched on it takes longer to aquire satellites - the instructions mention this.

The GPS will certainly struggle sitting on your lap rather than being near the windscreen - I'm not sure my Garmin would cope with that at all.

If you're in a built up area, where sky view is limited by buildings, then it will regularly lose satelllite view (you need at least 3) and stop navigating. (This is one reason the Government's planned road pricing by using GPS tracking is going to have problems.) It won't advise you of that immediately though - or you'd get fed up with the warnings. It will just resume navigation when it picks up the signals again, hence the 'late' or missed commands. Obviously, when it has lost reception it believes it's still at the last point it had satellite lock - it can't recognise the movement.


Sat Nav - General Questions - Stargazer {P}
only picked up 4 satellites. The most it ever had was
9 but more commonly 6-7.


Some basics on GPS, there are 27 satellites of which 3 are spares and 24 active, they are arranged in orbits such that at least 4 are above the horizon at any point on the earth's surface.

A minimum of 4 satellites are required to get a position fix, more to improve accuracy, so your experience of a minium of 4 and max of 9 seems correct, you are not going to get much improvement on numbers of satellites, 6-7 should be perfectly ok.

A new aeriel may increase the fraction of time that you can receive 6-7 signals, but at times this is simply impossible and you can only ever get 4 signals, this should be sufficient to get a position fix however.

Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
Thanks for all your thoughts.

A few things - the buildings weren't necessarily tall. Just two stories or so - after reading the comments, I'm hoping that it's because it was in my lap.

In my car I normally get 8. When it gets 8, it will stay at 8 pretty much. It had 9 satellites in my mate's car for literally 2 minutes during the entire journey.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego
Its because it was in your lap.
Sat Nav - General Questions - John S

If the road's not that wide, then 2 storey buildings can be enough to reduce the number of satellites that can be seen. That said reception will be much better when its mounted near the windscreen.


Sat Nav - General Questions - Chad.R
A minimum of 4 satellites are required to get a position
fix, more to improve accuracy, so your experience of a minium
of 4 and max of 9 seems correct,....

I don't use it daily but during the summer I did see 10 satellites registering on my TomTom/iPAQ. It was always around midday IIRC. After about 1pm it would go back down to the normal 7/8/9.

BTW this was in the Scottish highlands if it makes any difference.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego
Its very simple really.

Sat nav signals dont travel through things easily. Trees, buildings, car roofs.

So its like this. If your nav cant see sky - it cant see sats.

Goona has the sat nav aerial tucked at the bottom part of the rear screen, where it has a near 180 degree view of sky.

Sat Nav - General Questions - PhilW
Found my very basic (Navman PiN with SmartST) very useful in France this summer because whereas the French often put their diection signs at the junction, with no prior warning, the satnav gave a few hundred metres warning ("in 300 metres turn right"). If you do any walking or cycling you may also find the use of Memory Map (or other) OS maps very useful - it's remarkably accurate in fixing your position down to about a metre. Especially useful in the Peak District in thick fog!!
Sat Nav - General Questions - smokie
Well my SmartNav is based on satellites and I don't ever recall being "lost" by it in town. When I am not fully concentrating on it, and with it not having a display, I sometimes manage to mis-judge exactly which "left turn" it wants me to make, but it always picks it up and re-routes me. I guess I've been pleasantly surprised that it hasn't lost me...
Sat Nav - General Questions - PhilW
Presume you have visited these sites?
Sat Nav - General Questions - Dave E
I have Ford's system fitted to my Mondeo and overall it has been quite good, when it works! The trouble is it is not as easily upgradeble as aftermarket stuff, £235 for an updated DVD, I think not. Not only that it controls Air and CD and is VERY expensive to replace if and when it fails, which it has, once.

The big plus for mobile units such as Ipaq/TomTom is that it
allows for the identification of speed camera locations and is cheaper to upgrade. Plus of course it is portable.

The obvious downside being that cars with reflective glass or heated screens - a la Ford - have trouble getting a signal.

Having had use of it, I would say that my motoring experience has not been enhanced. I could and would still manage with an A to Z. All you ever really need is an address and you should be able to find any location, in my opinion of course.
Sat Nav - General Questions - none
A couple of years ago a pal of mine had reason to call 999. When the relevant service arrived they apologised for the delay and explained that although they had the latest Sat Nav system, it couldn't keep up with their vehicle, and that his address wasn't included in the map database. Apparently they found it easier and faster to call the base station and navigate following instructions from someone reading a map.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
Hi all,

thanks for all of those replies. Most useful. Yeah Phil - I'd checked most of them before I bought it just to convince myself!

The good news is, I stuck it in my car up on my the dash (not moving though obviously) and it had 8. Used it in my mate's car again following RF's advice making sure the aerial had a clear view of the sky. Nothing less than 6 satellites at any one time so I'm quite happy again now.

Once I get this mount fitted I imagine 8 will be the norm but I'm still considering an external aerial just in case.

Many thanks again chaps,

Sat Nav - General Questions - PhilW
"Phil - I'd checked most of them before I bought it just to convince myself!"
As usual with my (impulse)purchases I did it the other way round - bought it then looked up what was better!! Never mind, I'm still impressed - how does that nice lady know the way to everywhere, including some gravel track short cuts in France and know when to warn me of a "sharp corner"????

Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
Mine got a little hesitant on two occasions;

"Turn left onto the A......




Still - it worked.
Sat Nav - General Questions - slidejules
I use a navman 630 and it is an absolute godsend. Works brilliantly, 99.9% of the time. The only time it really seems to struggle is driving down the A4 into london - when you get up to near picadilly circus it without fail thinks you are about 50m further north than you actually are. No idea why, whether the maps are wrong or whather it's because you are surrounded by high buildings or whatever. But then, I've only driven down the A4 into london about 5 times in the last year so it doesn't bother me that much!

Awesome technology and totally invaluable...
Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego
Where you get *repeatable* errors, ie same problem in the same place every time, its a mapping* error.

*Actually its a calibration error, where the map is not calibrated correctly to the actual postion.

The first versions of TomTom used to think the A14 was 300 yards north of where it was, marking your postion as driving through the battle of naseby site!

Sat Nav - General Questions - JAJ
Adam - am looking to buy one of these for a trip to Belgium and back through parts of France. Does yours come with door to door mapping for Europe ? Can you buy software for a hand-held which does it ?

Don't want to spend a fortune, but want something to get me through France and Belgium without causing an almighty row with SWMBO. Would prefer a PDA as it would be a nice toy.

Sat Nav - General Questions - smokie
Passing though France and Belgium is easy. The E40 does it I think? Satnav would only be useful for finding local addresses - if it's a once-off you might find as useful.
Sat Nav - General Questions - PhilW
"Does yours come with door to door mapping for Europe ?"
My Navman does
One on ebay now at £86 with 15 hours to go.
Note that latest version of Smart ST is V3 - this one is with V2 which we found to be excellent in 2000 miles of touring France this summer and Belgium in the spring.
You could also use updated satnav like Tomtom etc on it - for best prices do a Google or look at somewhere like

Sat Nav - General Questions - rtj70 at the moment has the Navman GPS plus (I guess) Smart ST v2 for about £86. Sure you could buy this an upgrade. User interface of TomTom superior though,

I have Smart ST2 but bought TomTom. The GPS receiver is cracking from Navman. Uses 3 x AAA batteries and last for ages and I use it for walking too with Memory Map OS mapping.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}

I'm afraid I'm a little undequalified to answer your question but if by door to door mapping you mean, can you put house numbers in, then yes you can.

If I wanted to go to 35 Allerton Road in Liverpool it would direct me to number 35. Pressing the home button (which, incidentally is a really handy feature) would direct me to my house which is already preprogrammed in.

Hope that helps.
Sat Nav - General Questions - colinh
Just completed a Spain-UK-Spain trip with a Garmin GPS V - some general comments:

Used the Garmin bean-bag as there are no suitable flat spots in the Golf to use the adhesive discs. The bean-bag works, and has the additional benefit of being easily hidden from view with no trace when parked.

The GPS V has very limited memory (19mb), so it's necessary to load up each day's maps as you go; even then it's sometimes necessary to rely on the base map in some cases, e.g. for the Calais to Millau leg (950km), I had the start, Paris and the end maps only loaded.

No problem with satellite loss - no external aerial.

The link between Garmin Mapsource and Google Earth for showing tracks is brilliant.

If I did a lot of long-distance motoring I'd probably upgrade to a Quest, or similiar, which has 256mb and can load maps for Spain to UK in one go; also has colour and speech.
Sat Nav - General Questions - drbe
Is there a concensus on which is the best GPS to use in a car? I'm only interested - for now - in use in the UK.

A friend bought the Tom Tom, seemed ok, but I have nothing to compare it with.

Is the subscription for Tom Tom Plus worth it and does it work?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego
I have used a Navman520 and TomTom.

Personla view is that for useability and speed the tomtom wins hands down.

I think the plus subscription is a waste of time.

Sat Nav - General Questions - Garethj
I have used a Navman520 and TomTom.

Personal view is that for useability and speed the tomtom wins
hands down.

I think the plus subscription is a waste of time.

TVM, in what way is the Navman 520 bad? They seem to be at a bargain price on the auction site, especially compared to TomTom's £300

Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego
I have used the ICN 520. Didnt say it was bad. Infact its quite good and good value, indeed MRS TVM has the medion pna 150 which is the same chasis (a Mio). However its a tad slow. The tomtom wins every time, bigger screen, better user interface, and all round better sat nav.

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Sat Nav - General Questions - Truckersunite
I use TomTom3 on an XDA2i, I have to say that it works fine, the routing can be sorted out by adjusting the speed prefs, i.e. in the truck I set the motorway speed to 54 and other roads to 40, that then routes the shortest distance normally, in the car i set the speeds higher and it will normally route the quickest. You can get TT3 quite cheap now as TT5 is out, haven't tried TT5 yet but will be soon, only advantage I can see to tt5 is that it now has full postcode routing.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Davy_S {P}
I've been using a Navman PIN 570 for the past 2 or 3 weeks. I find it quite easy to use, although some of the maps are out of date with the newer roads not shown correctly. It looks like you're driving through a field, that aside I think it's good value for money as it's not just Sat Nav but a PDA as well.

Davy S.

Oops, where did that screw go!!
Sat Nav - General Questions - trancer
I have Tom Tom Mobile 5 running on my Nokia 6630 phone and it works well enough for me. Has gotten me everywhere I asked it to, though one time I had to do an extra lap of a roundabout as the instructions came up too late. I don't do lots on long distance travelling, but as I am still relatively new to the area (and country!) even a 5 mile trip can take me to roads and places I have never been to before so its times like that when I am glad I have it (and Bluetooth GPS in the glovebox).

I have the speed camera database loaded on it too and it has never failed to alert me to a camera, though it has alerted at times when I couldn't see a camera, only on motorways though so who knows what other camera could be about.

I can't compare it to any other Sat Nav system as its the only one I have ever used, but it does have its weaknesses as it still thinks I live in the middle of an un-named road even though this estate has been here for 7 years, and maps for other countries are difficult to get ahold of as Tom Tom don't sell map software on its own.

The only thing I can imagine bettering it would be a dedicated OEM type in-car system as faffing about with GPS, waiting for it to get a fix, then starting TT, waiting for it to sort itself out and connect to the GPS etc, means that I only use it when I don't where I am or where I am going, so many times I forego the benefit or the speed camera function.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Pugugly {P}
BMW system and occasional use of a TomTom 7. Tom Tom acquires instantly (upon switch on) Used in the last few days navigating bits of Wales. Superb, personally prefer it to BMW's system. Got"lost" for a moment around Corris in South Gwynedd. "She" didn't say anything but the arrow was in a field. Now that it's been properly set up (trav elling at an average of 50 mph) it doesn't try to turn you down narrow lanes as much as it used to. All in all very useful and worth the money.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Union Jack
I would greatly appreciate any thoughts anyone has on the Indago combined satnav/camera system, please.

With thanks in advance.

Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego
too expensive

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
I've got my Uncle's Tom Tom something or other today (a good one - with bluetooth and a remote) and it puts mine to shame.

In fact, I'm so ashamed of mine I think I'll permanently relegate it to the glove box.

The Tom Tom is amazing.
Sat Nav - General Questions - NowWheels
Hi Adam

glad to see that others have helped you resolve the lack-of-signal problem. It really does need to see the sky, and even on the dashboard my TomTom One occasionally loses the plot, such as on the southern end of London's Edgware Road, where the buildings either side are very tall.

They are damn good, but do get stumped by some things. I used to get lost for hours trying to drive to Leeds, but TomTom got me to the VRO much more easily than I could have managed by paper map. However, it had several atempts at directing me down one-way streets, which was a little tedious, but when I took the next available turn in the appropriate direction, it recovered quickly and directed me onwards.

Mine dosn't know about the huge new A1/M1 interchange, so it talks nonsense there, thinking I am driving through fields. Apparently, there is an 18-month lead-in time for the maps, so a fix probably won't be available until next year :(

Its other regular failing is not distinguishing between back streets and un-driveable alleyways. In Yorkshire towns and cities, that makes the "shortest route" option unusable, but "fastest route" is a better bet anyway.

However, at one point this week I thought it had gone mad. I took advantage of the footie match to set off on thirsday at 5.30 from Sarf Lunnon to Romford (innit), and it wanted to send me via Tower bridge, which I thought would bring me into the congestion-charging zone. So I pressed the "alternative route" button, and selected the Rotherhithe tunnel.

It directed me flawlessly through the maze of streets leading from the Elephant&Castle to the tunnel, but when I got out t'other side it told me turn around. I guessed the route eastwards, and for the next mile it kept on saying "turn around". Switched it on and off, but no better; so eventually, running out of ideas, I reset the route, just telling it destination of Romford ... and all was fine.

It took me until the next day to figure out what had happened. The waypoint I had selected for the tunnel was splot in the middle of the river, so it thought we hadn't been there: at the relevant point, we were underground. So if it had had its way, I would have been driving back-and-forth thru the tunnel for ever more.

I'm sure I'll discover more glitches, but the ones so far are really very minor. Overall, I'm very very pleased with it, and by allowing me to get the map off my knee and my eyes onto the road rather than the streets signs, I've come to regard it as one of the best-ever safety devices.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
Hi NW,

Since this thread, things have taken a turn for the worst. The most notable problem being that the sat nav knows less about the location than I do.

Case In Point 1:

I'm heading to an address in Birmingham. Enter a roundabout and it says "Take the.....third exit from the roundabout" so I understandably take the third exit.

But Ohhhhh no. It couldn't be as simple as that could it? Of course not because I'm Adam and this is a cheap sat nav therefore, if something can go wrong, it will. So I'm driving tentatively down this road which doesn't look anything like the instructions I've been given.

"No Problem" says I. I'll just follow it and see where it takes me. But then, just when I'm least expecting it "Please make a U-Turn at your earliest convenience".

A little anxious but relatively annoyed I do a U-Turn and come across the roundabout again. Now I'm told to take the fourth exit which, as I'm sure you've guessed, is the road I came from originally. I ignore it, find somewhere to pull up so it can get it's bearings (it needs that a lot) and when it does, away we go. Turn left onto a road that looks like it's entering a dual carriageway (on the sat nav anyway) which took me down a dodgy looking dead end. So then a yank it from it's mount, curse loudly and promptly throw it on the back seat. Pull up, ask someone, and lo and behold, I'm at my destination in no time at all.

I didn't use it on the way home.

Case in point 2:

A little perturbed by the Birmingham incident (the one time I really need it) I decide to switch it on and plot my route to somewhere in Liverpool. However, unbeknowst the the crafty little witch in the sat nav, I know Liverpool like the back of my hand. So on it goes and I'm sitting smugly waiting for it to cock up so I can shout "Ha! Fooled you - I know where I am"

Do you know what happened? Of course!!! I was so blind! I knew where I was, therefore, The damn thing worked perfectly!!!! It even took me down the shortcuts which IT NEVER DOES!!!! I got there via the exact same route I would have done!

The battery's gone flat and I'm fairly determined not to charge it up for a good while yet.

I hate it. I really hate it.

But damn is it a cracking gadget!
Sat Nav - General Questions - David Horn
I learnt on Thursday night to always trust the TomTom. Wanted a quicker route back from a little village in Leeds as it'd taken me through country lanes on the way there, and I vaguely remembered seeing an A-road on the map.

Big mistake - eventually, the lady inside got sick of telling me to turn around and started sulking, and no surprise - the road took me onto the motorway in the wrong direction and I had to drive for ages until I found a junction where I could cross over and turn back.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Pugugly {P}
Off topic, did anyone hear the brilliant Steve Punt rant on SatNav on Radio 4. He must have one based on this - brilliant. What loved was his reference to the "voice" as the Navigation n***. Superb.

Adam. Life Lesson No1 for Post Grads.

Buy cheap buy twice. Now go and buy a TomTon=m !
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
One of the most expensive lessons I'll learn, I'm sure!
Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego

to continue your education, there are two cardinal lessons in life.

you only get what you pay for.

2/ Everything must pass the WIFM test.

Whats init for Me
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Sat Nav - General Questions - Pugugly {P}
shortly followed by lesson three....

How much do I tell SWMBO I paid for it ?
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
I seem to remember, RF me old chum, that you said it was "Alright for the money".

I now know what you meant!
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
Oh and PU - always, ALWAYS knock 25% off the price.

Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego
Lesson 4 Adam

If there is an A in the day of the week then RF will stitch you up
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
At least you're honest.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego
There is something funny on the road between Maidenhead and Henley on Thames,

The Ipaq looses the bluetooth link to the sat nav for about a mile. The bluetooth headset disconects from the phone. And its not just me - happens to a colleague as well.
Its mostly farmland/woodland either side with no *obvious* sources of radio interference.

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
It's a secret military base where they investigate alien landings.

I thought everyone knew.
Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego
>>It's a secret military base where they investigate alien landings.

No no NO - thats in Thetford forest

you stupid boy Pike.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Sat Nav - General Questions - Union Jack
"It's a secret military base where they investigate alien landings"

Adam - You may be nearer the mark than you may have thought - there used to be a major defence communications network establishment at Medmenham, which is very close to the location quoted!


PS Or did you know that all the time!?
Sat Nav - General Questions - Adam {P}
It was a lucky guess Jack!
Sat Nav - General Questions - Avant
My Tom Tom Go 300 is excellent almost all the time, but for some reason can't seem to cope with Glasgow (nor can I, but then I'm biased as my mum comes from Edinburgh). Either the one-way streets south of the Clyde have changed recently or the mappijg is wrong: "Jane" was forever directing me the wrong way up a one-way street.

I shall find out this week how she copes with Sheffield: I go there about once a year and always get lost.
Sat Nav - General Questions - NowWheels
"Jane" was forever directing
me the wrong way up a one-way street.

I'm not surprised: in this family, we decided that Jane was naff. She has been fired in favour of a choice between John Cleese, Homer Simpson and Lizzie Windsor. The latter grates slightly, but is very clear; I suspect that Mrs T would be the ideal voice. All those elocution lessons of hers made her words remarkably clear, unlike her successor's successor, whose voice I find useless for navigation.
Sat Nav - General Questions - drbe
How often can one get map updates for these jolly sat-nav thingys?

Does one buy them, or are they a free download?
Sat Nav - General Questions - Altea Ego
Updates arrive approx every 18 to 24 months and far from being free are frequently v expensive.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Sat Nav - General Questions - drbe
Updates arrive approx every 18 to 24 months and far from
being free are frequently v expensive.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >

So if young Mr Tesco puts a new hypermarket on, say, an existing roundabout (with an additional exit fo Tesco's) I/you/we are going to get duff gen for up to 2 YEARS?

I don't believe it!
Sat Nav - General Questions - NowWheels
>> Updates arrive approx every 18 to 24 months and far
>> from being free are frequently v expensive.
So if young Mr Tesco puts a new hypermarket on, say,
an existing roundabout (with an additional exit fo Tesco's) I/you/we are
going to get duff gen for up to 2 YEARS?
I don't believe it!

'fraid it's true. I asked TomTom about updates to include the new M1/A1 interchange (near Ferrybridge in West Yorkshire) and they confirmed the lag. So my TomTom, purchased new in May '06, was actually made six months earlier and has maps which use data from at least 18 months before that. Next year it'll be 3 years out of date unless I upgrade the maps :(

Considering the lead-in time for that interchange, it may not have to wait for 2 years after opening before it appears on new TomTom maps, and may be included on ths year's updates ... but other changes to the road network may take longer to be included.

The huge sales of portable satnav units at the moment means that unless people bin their old units every year or two, we risk having a lot of peole being directed around by outdated maps. This could lead to some real tangles on the roads unless the mapping companies and the satnav manufacturers get their heads banged together to allow speedier and more cost-effective updates.

Of course, as many backroomers would remind us, this is all because TomTom is one of those notoriously unresponsive state-run bodies. If only it was a private company, it'd do a much better job of serving its customers ;)
Sat Nav - General Questions - Pugugly {P}
suspect that Mrs T would be the ideal voice.

NW I'd think there would be a conflict though with TpmTpm's Software - picture the scenario, you miss a turn, she responds by
"you turn if you want to, this lady's not for turning"
Sat Nav - General Questions - NowWheels
NW I'd think there would be a conflict though with TpmTpm's
Software - picture the scenario, you miss a turn, she responds
"you turn if you want to, this lady's not for turning"

Haha! That'd be rather good.

The thing that I most regret about TomTom is thta it doesn't have a sarcacstic mode:

"You missed your turn. Turn around wherever possible"

"Did you hear me? I said turn around?"

"Look, are you thick or what? TURN AROUND"

"Listen here. How can I put it any more simply: turn around and go back the way you came."

"OK, you daft cow. YOU ARE LOST. Geddit? You are heading in the wrong direction. I have tried warning, but you aren't listening ..."

Ask Honest John

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