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Exhaust Bandage - Nick Field
Will properly fitted exhaust bandage (on a section of the pipe itself, not the box) cause a vehicle to fail an MOT. There's no leaks and the bandage is covering a few small holes on the rolled seam of the pipe. The rest of the pipe is sound and the bandage is lock wired in place.
Exhaust Bandage - sp30
yeah, itll pass. dont mention it to them though, emmisions is your only worry as exhaust is loaded with its own pressure in the test....
(sp30)>>>force without the aid of judgement will collapse through its own mass.<<<
Exhaust Bandage - Collos25
It should be a failure ,why not get it welded and be sure
Exhaust Bandage - Dynamic Dave
It should be a failure ,

Providing the exhaust is securely mounted, and free from leaks, it is not a failure if an exhaust bandage or sealant - such as gum gum is used to repair a leak.

From - www.motuk.co.uk/manual_710.htm

"Note: A durable repair to an exhaust system which effectively prevents leaks is acceptable providing the system is structurally sound"
Exhaust Bandage - Roberson
Tend to agree there.

I had a hole in mine a couple of years ago, when I first got my car. It failed the MOT test as a result, but the garage applied plenty of Gun Gum and had it retested and it passed. (In the days before this new computerized system)
Exhaust Bandage - nick
The place I go is happy with patched exhausts. He says if it isn't leaking, then it's a pass.
Exhaust Bandage - Civic8
It can be as patched as you like,as long as it has no leaks its a pass!!
Exhaust Bandage - Dynamic Dave
It can be as patched as you like,as long as it has no leaks its a pass!!

To be pedantic. A quote from my above posted link:-

"Note: A minor exhaust leak from, for example, a connection joint or a pin hole, is not a Reason for Rejection"
Exhaust Bandage - Civic8
>>To be pedantic. A quote from my above posted link:-

Thanks for correction DD,did not check before posting. my mistake,I dont wish to mislead anyone!
Exhaust Bandage - Dynamic Dave
No need for an apology Steve. I wish I had known about it before an MOT tester failed my old Astra for a small leak in the connection joint between the backbox and centre section. I didn't have any gum gum to hand, so I slapped some Davids/Isopon car body filler in the joint.

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