Quantum and Castrol - Roberson
I have read in the below post, that Castrol and Quantum oils are made in the same place. Is this true? If so, are any of thier oils the same?


I only ask because tomorrow I?m booking my car in for a service at a local VW specialist. They put Castrol GTX Magnatec for modern engines (10w/40) in the last time. This met the all the VW standards and was reasonably priced. But I?ve also read the oil used by VW, Quantum branded, are supposed to be better. As a result, I was going to ask if they had/could order some Quantum Silver 10w/40 semi-synthetic instead.

I don't want to make extra hassle for them, if the two oils are very similar blends, and thus GTX would have sufficed.

Any comments?

Quantum and Castrol - mark999
I'm not sure who makes the Quantum brand but I have used it on several vehicles VW, Mazda, Toyota and citroen and have been very happy. (The Citroen stopped using oil when towing)
My VW dealer on the 1st service charged £32+vat for magnatec on the 2nd service I popprd in to the parts dept and bought 5L of Quantum for £14.
Quantum and Castrol - FatDog
They both come from the same plant in Cheshire.
Also Tesco and Halfords own brand is the same oil as Castrol GTX.

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