honda jazz syphon fuel? - hondajazz
have just been and bought a new honda civic which i collect on thursday but i filled my honda jazz with fuel to the brim yesterday is it possible to syphon the fuel out of my jazz has i hate to give the garage any more than neccessary any tips please
honda jazz syphon fuel? - Adam {P}
Have some strong mouthwash by you for when you finish.

It's possible but not worth the aftertaste IMHO ;-)
honda jazz syphon fuel? - jc
If the system has a return line,split it and run the engine but you will probably set yourself on fire doing it but you could put a hand pump on the return line and do it that way.
honda jazz syphon fuel? - bimmer-driver
I'd just put it down to experience and forget about it.

honda jazz syphon fuel? - Dynamic Dave
Not sure if they still do this out of courtesy, but a lot of garages used to give you a full tank of fuel when purchasing a new car.

If they do, then trading yours in with a full tank shouldn't be an issue. If they don't then mention it to them and ask if they're willing to fill up the new car.
honda jazz syphon fuel? - Bill Payer
I noticed in the last issue of the Honda magazine they said that due to customer feedback they'd now instructed dealers to deliver all new cars will a full fuel tank.

Take the Jazz on a long journey - go and visit someone (about 150 miles away) that you havn't seen for a while!
honda jazz syphon fuel? - Civic8
FIL last year traded in his corsa for a T/yaris,apparently it was a 9 week wait for it.2 weeks before, and after filling up,was told his new car was ready.He mentioned he had just filled up with fuel and they said they would fill his new one up.Apart from that he had no problems.Bearing in mind,I cannot understand why anyone would wish to go to extremes of draining off fuel.Due to dangers of doing so
honda jazz syphon fuel? - blue_haddock
If you don't syphon it off or use it up i bet the salesman that sells your PX on offers to give the new owner a full tank of fuel!
honda jazz syphon fuel? - hondajazz
thanks for replys off out to use as much petrol as required safety factor being my final decisionnot to drain have realised my days of being a skint youth syphoning gallons of petrol off company cars have long gone
honda jazz syphon fuel? - Colonel Panic
Can't you just tell them to hang onto the new car a few days, or are you too excited? Well it could be a good lesson in defered gratification!

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