Motor Insurance - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd)
Due to insomnia I was watching the 5.30am news this morning. Story was extra premium (up to £30) being paid by motorists to cover losses by uninsured drivers. More importantly was the added grief to those who suffer at the hands of said drivers by not receiving full compensation. Why don't we adopt the system in use in Australia whereby when a car is taxed an extra amount is added to effectively insure the CAR against third party claims regardless of who is driving the vehicle. Individual insurance is still required of course but it would mean ,for example, that if the vehicle was driven away by ,say, a joyrider who then crashed into another vehicle, the victim would have some chance of compensation.
Re: Motor Insurance - Ian Aspinall
That would certainly be fairer on the innocent third party whose vehicle had been damaged by the joyrider, but expecting the owner to pay yet another motoring tax in order to effectively insure any thief who fancies driving his/her car is a bit harsh!

Also, it wouldn't address the problem of people who drive their OWN vehicles without insurance - it's odds-on these idiots don't have a tax disc either.
Re: Motor Insurance - Andrew Hamilton
When the digital cars get going properly they will be able to instantly check if vehicle registration has correct car tax. Perhaps the government will make insurance companies do the work of taxing cars at the same time as insuring them. This would cut government costs.....
Re: Motor Insurance - Gwyn Parry
The Irish have/had a good system - an insurance disc in the front windscreen, then ditch road tax and add it to fuel charges, maybe a combined insurance and MOT disc......another useful change would be for individual drivers/companies to be issued with a registration number for life (like the Belgians) it would solve all these untracable cars being driven around....
Re: Motor Insurance - Roger Jones
The idea of registration numbers for drivers rather than vehicles seems so sensible that I do wonder what arguments there are against it. Any suggestions?

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