auto box- volvo s60 - pj4d
when driving in my volvo s60 auto when the gear flicks from 2 to 3 there is a loss of power for about a second and the revs go up high, like the car is in neutral and the pedal is bieng pressed,
the revs go upto like the 3 mark on the counter
is this gonna become a problem or should i not worry?
auto box- volvo s60 - keo-the-dog
dont know the specific box used on the s60 but had the same problem some years ago with a volvo 960 and with renault espace which i was told at the time used a volvo box and prices quoted were VERY! expensive. put me off auto's for a bit...cheers...keo.
auto box- volvo s60 - Aprilia
Yes, you need to worry.
Your problem is called 'flaring' and is likely due to a valve-body fault in the transmission. By all means check the fluid etc., but I think you'll need some work doing on it. The longer you leave it, the worse it'll get (more expense). Take it to an autotrans specialist for test-drive and diagnosis.
auto box- volvo s60 - pj4d
just came back from volvo
they tell me its fine!
auto box- volvo s60 - pj4d
ok here are some vids this is the best one another one showing what happens - this is me hammering it - nothing much happens though
also that horn was me, i leant on it

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auto box- volvo s60 - Aprilia
Well, its flaring a bit isn't it. Not badly, but ideally the changes should be crisp with the rev counter needle falling swiftly as the next gear is engaged - not rising-falling. You are getting some slipping in the box. Slipping = heat & wear - not good. Its not going to go bang overnight, but in the long term its not good for the 'box.

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