306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - ppd_2001

I have a W reg 2000 Peugeot 306 Meridian 1.4, and the "STOP" light on the dashboard keeps flashing whilst I am driving along but no other lights come on.

It sometimes stays on but I have checked everything I can think of but I can't get it to stop.

It doesn't seem to have an effect on the car as it still runs fine.

Could anyone please help me to find out what the problem might be????

Any help would be fantastic,

306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - Adam {P}
Have you checked the brake fluid level?
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - ppd_2001
Yep, I checked the brake fluid level it was at the maximum mark
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - Adam {P}
That's where my technical knowledge ends. Sorry!

Anything with a red light gets the "brake fluid" suggestion from me.

I'm sure someone else will be along shortly to help.

Good luck
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - blue_haddock
Have you checked the oil level?

If this is low when the car sharply moves in one direction (Harsh acceleration/braking or hard cornering) because the oil surges to one side of the sump the oil pump can't suck up enough oil and so the STOP light comes on
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - Bromptonaut
The handbook may tell you which faults activate STOP. Coolant is another possibility.
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - Andrew-T
ppd - this happened on my 306 after a gentle front-end shunt had caused the air-con fan to stick. Once that was sorted the STOP light went off. It seems to reflect some electrical overload.
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - David Horn
Stop light doesn't come on with low oil level light. Instead, the warning light flashes. If I park on an extreme camber the orange light flashes for about 10 seconds after engine startup.

Would point out that it says STOP for a reason.
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - debugslife
I have never owned a Peugeot before but a STOP light sounds to me like an engine management warning. A fault code may be logged if it happens very frequently.
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - blue_haddock
In the 106, 205 and 309's that i've owned the STOP light comes on when oil surge occurs.
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - focusman

on my wife's previous car a pug 205, a few years ago now, stop light used to flash on and off. found out it was air in the cooling system due to a leak. there is a level sensor on the radiator, ok when water there but when circulating the air would come round to the sensor which would trigger the sensor. have you lost any coolant recently, or done any work on your coolant system
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - SjB {P}
The STOP lamp can be triggered by electrical, coolant temperature, oil pressure, or brake fluid level problems. For the last three it is usally supplemented by the appropriate lamp for the type of problem.

From what I have read on various Pug web sites, electrical problems are the most prevalent cause, and as already mentioned above, coolant fans are well represented (both for causing electrical high resistance and a subsequent overheating problem in slow traffic)

See this link for one example of the a/c fan being the cause.

306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - ppd_2001
Thanks for all of your suggestions guys, I will try them all.

Thanks again
306 "STOP" light keeps flashing - DL
It will be one of the fans that is causing the STOP lamp to come on, as has been said.

Being a Peugeot Tech, I've replaced loads.

Got air con? Switch it off, does it make any difference to the lamp?
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