Best navigation aid - Dunkyboy
Having read the current Tom Tom thread, i would like to ask which would be the best Sat Nav aid for me to buy.I am hopeless with maps and i always get lost, but am also no good with technology so i need a idiot proof system that requires little input from me, ie, i want to plug it in and switch on.The price is materless, i just want to get something that works out of the box.
Best navigation aid - smokie
Have a look at

No-one here seems to like it much, but all you have is one button and a speaker (and other gubbins hidden away from view). You call up the call centre at the start of your journey and tell them where you want to go - potscode, address, whatever. You then get voice prompts to lead you all the way...

It's probably pricey compared to PDA options, but it satisfies both og your requirements. And it tries to guide you round traffic congestion. And you can call up for your nearest fuel station, bank machine, and get flowers sent to your wife.
Best navigation aid - Altea Ego
with price no object you may7 have found your first customer Smokie!

If price is really no object dunkyboy should wander down to his nearest good car audio centre with at least £2000 pounds and they will fit him with the latest and greatest touch screen in car sat nav.
Best navigation aid - blue_haddock
If money is no object and you want the best navigation aid possible i suggest hiring Nicky Grist!
Best navigation aid - cheddar
A map, seriously, the best navigation aid and real VFM.
Best navigation aid - AR-CoolC
If money is no object and you want the best navigation
aid possible i suggest hiring Nicky Grist!


I don't think Nicky Grist would sound quite the same saying "at the next roundabout take the third exit" as "5 flat over crest 100 3 left dont cut"

Would be great though.
Best navigation aid - Altea Ego
Talking of nicky grist, did anyone see the carnage that was the Cyprus rally? dead broken and burnt out cars everywhere!
Best navigation aid - AR-CoolC
The rally Cyprus always has been a car killer, nice to see privateers getting second and third.
Best navigation aid - No Do$h
Now I'm wondering if you can get a VBH voiceover for TomTom. "Pull over into that layby, you naughty boy"

I'd never get anywhere, constantly demanding the most complicated route with loads of rest stops.
Best navigation aid - AR-CoolC
I did read in one of the car mags in the last month or so that there is a company making "celebrity" voice overs for sat nav systems. All done by actors though not the real people, IIRC there was a Sean Connery, a Micheal Cane etc etc.

Now if we all post on the VBH fan site asking her nicely then maybe she will think about it.

As you say though I would also be getting lost as often as possible.

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