Delivery mileage-new car. - Imagos
When collecting your new car from a dealer, what would be the acceptable odometer reading? 2, 5, 10 miles? When would it become unacceptable?

Read about a case today with 180 miles on the clock which sounds wholly unsatisfactory to me.
Delivery mileage-new car. - Hugo {P}
This has been raised recently.

I have delivered cars with more than 250 miles on the clock.

A lot depends on whether the car has to be driven a long way to deliver it. The dealership I worked for once did a lot of business with an insurance company and we were delivering cars all over the country.

On the other hand, my recent van was at the dealership with a mileage of 6!

Delivery mileage-new car. - Aprilia
Many years ago I actually 'delivered' a few cars. Some had up to 400 miles on them. Amazing how quick they were too!
Delivery mileage-new car. - blue_haddock
It is very rare to pick up a new toyota from the dealer with more than about 15 miles on the clock as they are delivered on transports from factory/storage yard.

However if the car is being delivered to your house from a dealer then yes having up to a couple of hundred miles on the clock is OK as it will with 'normal' delivery mileage on it
Delivery mileage-new car. - Armitage Shanks {p}
A lot of cars with electronic instrumentation have a 'fix' to reset the mileage to zero. This is usually only known to the dealers. I had an Alfa Spider some years ago and if you caught it before 200 recorded miles you could reset it to zero with some fiddling about with the ignition on/off/on and the zeroing button. It can be done on any modern car, I am sure. The trick is finding out how to do it and is it legal? Look at these people who hang around outside auctions to 'do things' to recorded mileages and also check out Exch*ng* & M^rt adverts!!!!!
Delivery mileage-new car. - blue_haddock
Well as far as i know it can't be done to toyota's.

As for the mileage adjustment services advertised in various trade magazines they use a laptop plugged into the wiring
Delivery mileage-new car. - machika
They can actually advertise this service? Isn't what they do illegal?
Delivery mileage-new car. - blue_haddock
No it's not - they advertise it as a re-calibration service or words to that effect.
Delivery mileage-new car. - Truckosaurus
It is also perfectly legal for a dealer to 'zero' mileage on new cars (although there is a limit to the number they can wipe off).

My friend's Skoda Fabia arrived with the odometer reading less than the trip computer, they'd made the schoolboy error of clearing one guage but not the other.
Delivery mileage-new car. - ihpj
'Delivery Mileage' is something very personal I guess. But it is down to you as a consumer to make it clear how you want it delivered. I don't see why a car should literally be 'driven' to be delivered to your door - I would expect and demand that it be transported on a transporter or flatbed and delivered to me that way. Obviously, cost plays a part and if it was a question fo some 'delivery driver' dropping the car off to my home or me collecting it from a dealer - then I'd go with the self collection option.

In my limited experience I've found most large dealers will offer a flatbed service or collection from their premises at no extra cost. Personally speaking, if I'm buying a new car, then I'd like to go to the dealership to collect and inspect the car there with them present.

The distinction I would make here is that when I use the term 'new car' that is exactly what I mean: a factory order to my exact specifications - and with me as current and only keeper on the V5.

If I were buying say a pre-reg. car or a vehicle from a dealer as part of a 'bulk disposal' promotion then yes I would expect these cars to ahve more 'delivery miles' on them by their very nature. But if I'm paying for 'new' then I expect 'new'. Nothing more and nothing less - thats why I'm paying my money.

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