Checking tappets in Perkins Diesel LDV200 - Andrew Hamilton
In the service record it recommends checking tappets every 36,000 miles. I have taken the van to a local garages in the past who say they are OK as not noisy! I thought that as the tappet seats wear the clearances would decrease, not increase. I am surprised a garage would turn away work! Present mileage is 82,000 miles. (Cambelt and fanbelt replaced at 48,000 miles)
Any comments?
Re: Checking tappets in Perkins Diesel LDV200 - alvin booth
Andrew, Isn't this the Perkins Prima engine as fitted in the Montego/ Maestro.
I used to know the head mechanic very well at the local Rover dealership before they closed. He had been on a Perkins course at Peterborough on this engine and was very knowledgeable on this subject.
I once asked him if he should check the tappets on my wifes Maestro diesel and he said if it was his car he wouldn't.
It requires special tools including camshaft clamps which replaces the camshaft cover and I imagine only a Rover or Perkins dealer would have these. He said it was quite a job and the ones he had done had required no shim adjustment. He also advised that perkins were going to drop it as a service requirement. Their own Maestro van had done over 200k and had never had the tappets checked. See what the professionals say.!!
Re: Checking tappets in Perkins Diesel LDV200 - David W
Alvin is right, pig of a job with special tools and a trade guide time of about 6 hours (seems a lot but that's what the guide says).

I don't know these engines that well but I do know the Citroen diesel engine with a similar valve arrangement will go for the life of the engine staying in spec, assuming regular oil changes of course.

Checking tappets in Perkins Diesel LDV200 - David Lacey
Yep, Alvin's right. When I was on the spanners, we never checked the valve clearances on the Perkins MDi engine. It is quite an involved job, with many possible sources of oil leaks after the job!!
I think it was scheduled every 24000 miles IIRC.

These engines go on and on, never seen one blow up.

Re: Checking tappets in Perkins Diesel LDV200 - Andrew Hamilton
Many thanks for advice re Perkins diesel in LDV200 van. Engine is similar to Maestro and I have the Haynes book for that model. Reckon 6 hours service time probably equivalent to sale value of my 1990 van!
Despite red ex-PO LDV vans being unloved in auctions they just seem to go on and on! I change the oil every 4000 miles or so but use ordinary 15W/40 oil.

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