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Hi there. I wanted some suggestions about a fault with a recently purchased Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 IE 1990 model. I bought it in good condition with recently serviced items (oil change, air filter, plugs, leads and cap). It was running well for the first couple of weeks. Then I noticed it was occasionally cutting out when slowing down towards a junction. But it would restart immediately each time. Now the problem has developed in that it would cut out after about 5-10 minutes of driving and fail to restart (turn over but not fire up). It would restart again if I waited another 15-20 minutes. I have taken the car to a local garage for diagnostics (cost 45 pounds)with the reply that they cannot find anything wrong and: "you need to take it to a specialist". I am collecting the Alfa first thing in the morning.

I would appreciate any advice as to the cause of the fault especially as the garage has failed to make a diagnosis.
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - No Do$h
I've put out a cry for help on another forum..... we'll see if anyone can assist.

No Do$h - Alfa-driving Backroom Moderator
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - Hoygaard

I'm new to this forum, I just registered because of no Dosh posting this question elsewhere. Come to think of it ND; why didn't you just send Lucky our way?

Lets get down to business: It could be anything really. It's pretty hard troubleshooting something like that without experiencing the way is surges and then dies. But I can come up with a few educated guesses. Let's start with the cheapest ones first:

1: Fuel tank breather valve is clogged, loosen the filler cap, and see if that helps

2: Fuelpump and ECU relays on the front bulkhead. These are generic relays, go down to Halfords and buy a couple of new ones.

Now, here comes the more expensive options;

3: Engine temperature sender, it can be found on the intake plenum (AFAICR)

4: Throttle position sender.

I hope this helps.... If not youre looking at serious (read expensive) problems.

-- Hoygaard
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - lucky
I am really struggling with this now.

Thank you for your input Hoygaard. I have tried your first two suggestions. No success.

However the problem has got worse. When I collected it from the garage that morning it was running for only a couple of minutes before cutting out. Again it would not restart. I left it all day and then it restarted. Again it only ran for about 1-2 minutes before cutting out.

The poor Alfa is now sitting on my driveway. It managed to fire up first time this morning but died again after 30 seconds. I can't even "take it to a specialist". In truth I really do not want to spend any more money on it.

Help! Anyone want an Alfa 33?
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - adverse camber
Is the fuel pump working properly ?
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - ARM
Try changing the fuel filter.
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - Alfafan {P}
Lucky, whereabouts are you based? I can give you the names of some Alfa specialists.
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - lucky
Lucky, whereabouts are you based? I can give you the names
of some Alfa specialists.

I am in Ilford (North East London / Essex)
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - Alfafan {P}

Couln't put my hand on my Alfa services directory last night, up in the loft, I'll get it at the weekend. In the meantime, here's some possible names, if a little bit distant from you;

Alfa Tech in Luton, 01582 494950
Portman Garages, Park Royal, 0208 961 3317
Firela Motors, SW9 9AR, 0207 622 7874
Alfaman Services, Harrow 0208 866 0801
David Thomas, Codicote, Herts 01438 820288

There's also a guy in Royston called Jamie Porter who has a very good reputation. Don't have his number to hand.

I'll try and find some closer people over the weekend.
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - Alfafan {P}

Don't know how you're doing with the 33, but here's a couple more names which may be a bit closer to you. NMot very familiar with the geography of your arera.

Italian Race Services, Bowers Gifford, Basildon. Phone is 01268 726279, web address Alfa/Fiat/lancia specialist over 15 years.

Sunnyside Garage, Dagenham Phone 0208 599 4297, mobile 07801 616235.

Alfa specialist since 1981.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
sorry to hear about your alfa problems...
I have had 5 alfa 33's in my time..
1.7 Sportwagon
and the one I always miss.. 1.7 16v (137bhp) 4wheel drive Permanent 4.
Cor. I loved that one...

Could you try two things?
1. disconnect, spray with holts, and reconnect all the distribution leads from the plugs..

2. Run a good 1/5 - 1/4 can of carb cleaner directly into the air intake POST Airfilter.. until it tries to stall..

It may be some gunk in your fuel tank is another possibilty?

re: Alfa specialists - Around London - I have had good results with a guy in Sheen. He's always been resonably priced, and knows them backwards. I have had some 11 Alfas serviced by him, from Suds, to (several) 33's, up to 155 and GTV 3.0V6..(he took the engine out to change the starter motor - Main dealer wanted 2x the cost!)
Alfa Craft - Phil - on 0208 876 1010.
Lower Richmond Road, TW9 4LN
Alfa Romeo 33 - cutting out - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
As the car is immobile try looking in Yellow Pages, Car engine tuning and conversions for one of my Tune-Up colleagues. As the fault is there all of the time it should be relatively easy to diagnose. Given the nature of Italian electrics could be relatively simple i.e. corroded earth point(s)
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